Josh Painter was born in Louisiana and grew up there and in Houston, TX in the 50s and 60s. He has a degree in broadcast journalism and worked in that business for twenty years. Disgusted with media bias, he changed careers and was an Information Technology professional for another twenty years until his recent retirement. A long-time Democrat until "Reagan and Rush changed my way of thinking," Josh became politically active when he got involved in the Draft Fred Thompson grassroots movement. He began blogging for Fred and was managing six blogs at once, including the now-inactive Josh currently has three Blogger blogs and is a contributor. Josh enjoys restoring classic motorcyles and listening to jazz, country and southern rock music.


    Operation Leper 1, Nicolle Wallace 0

    Chalk up a point for’s Operation Leper. If the NY Post gossip column Page Six has its facts straight, she’s political toast: SARAH Palin’s campaign adviser Nicolle Wallace — who was blamed for the GOP veep hopeful’s notorious $150,000 clothes-shopping orgy — is through with politics. “My professional life will never involve working on a campaign again,” she tells next month’s Marie Claire. According | Read More »

    Alaska’s conservative young gun reloads in Indiana

    It’s been tough in Alaska for Gov. Sarah Palin the past few days. She’s been embroiled in a tug of war with the legislature over a replacement to fill the unexpired term of a state Senator who resigned to go to work for the Obama administration. The lawmakers appear certain to restore millions of dollars of the federal porkulus funds she had turned down, and | Read More »

    A CNN reporter’s selective outrage

    My colleague Jeff Emanuel provided a prime example of just how deep the drive-by media is immersed in the tank for Obama, as CNN’s Susan Roesgen gets in the face of an American citizen exercising his Constitutional rights of free speech and free assembly yesterday. HotAirPundit has a fine example of Ms. Roesgen’s other side. She was all sweetness and light just three months | Read More »

    The Sleeper Must Awaken

    The Hope for America caught Sen. John McCain’s recent appearance on Jay Leno’s show: Leno: Who is running the Republican Party? Is it Rush Limbaugh? I mean… McCain: We have, I’m happy to say, a lot of voices out there: Bobby Jindal, T… Pawlenty, Huntsman, Romney, uh… Charlie Crist. There’s a lot of governors out there who are young and dynamic. Uh… Mitt Romney did a great | Read More »

    Flawed Logic on the Left

    The dissin’ diva has a response to our recent bit of satire which had some fun at the expense of her Palin-hatin’ community’s abundance of hypocrisy. She figures it this way: “I guess I’m doing something right if I’ve got your attention!” Not really. While I was stopped at a red light the other day, a guy plowed right into the rear end of a | Read More »

    Speaker Pelosi wants to register your guns

    On “Good Morning America” last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared: “We don’t want to take their guns away. We want them registered.” Somehow, I don’t think America’s 80 million firearms owners feel reassured. People have, in fact, been buying guns and ammo at such a rapid pace since the election of President Obama that there is now an ammunition shortage in the U.S. Johnny | Read More »

    O brother, what art thou?

    Breaking news! It seems that Todd Palin not only has a half-sister, but he also has another half-sibling – a half-brother named Samson Palin. The First Dude’s half-sister Diana, you may recall, was recently arrested for breaking into a house in Wasilla for the second time this week to steal money. You can go to Celtic Diva’s blog and read all about it. You will | Read More »

    Newsweek tackles predator control in Alaska

    The article, written by Amanda Coyne, is surprisingly almost balanced, or at least as balanced as we’re likely to see from such a leftist media outlet as Newsweek. However, there are a lot of facts that were not included in the piece…

    Get Palin!

    Get Palin! That’s Job One for The Left and its media allies, says Gary Larson at Intellectual Conservative. And to accomplish the mission, they have gone far beyond the pale. The governor’s children are considered fair game by the same people who would scream bloody murder if either of the president’s two young daughters were unfairly attacked.

    Obama’s Pi in the Sky

    When you’re craving Pizza, you have options. You can call your local Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa Johns or Pizza Inn, and it will be delivered to your door. Or you can save the delivery charge and pick it up at the Pizzaria. My sister and her family prefer Papa Murphy’s, which prepares an oven-ready pie for you, and you pick it up, take it home | Read More »