Josh Painter was born in Louisiana and grew up there and in Houston, TX in the 50s and 60s. He has a degree in broadcast journalism and worked in that business for twenty years. Disgusted with media bias, he changed careers and was an Information Technology professional for another twenty years until his recent retirement. A long-time Democrat until "Reagan and Rush changed my way of thinking," Josh became politically active when he got involved in the Draft Fred Thompson grassroots movement. He began blogging for Fred and was managing six blogs at once, including the now-inactive Josh currently has three Blogger blogs and is a contributor. Josh enjoys restoring classic motorcyles and listening to jazz, country and southern rock music.


    The Audacity of Patience

    The hard left, I must say, has shown remarkable patience in light of the middle ground the Obama Administration-In-Waiting has cautiously taken since election day. Oh, there’s been some grumbling about all the Clintonistas the O-Team is stocking the executive branch with, The One’s realization that perhaps it might be best to let the Bush tax cuts simply expire rather than repeal them during a | Read More »

    Quote of the Day, 2 Dec 08

    Via, appropriately, Stuck on Stupid: “My staff tells me not to say this, but I’m going to say it anyway. In the summer because of the heat and high humidity, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol… We have many bathrooms here, as you can see.” The Majority Leader’s regard for “The Great Unwashed” is downright Jeffersonian, LOL! – JP

    Palin’s Path Is Not Through Senate

    The drive-by media is at it again – Politico, in this instance, fanning the embers of resentment between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Lisa Murkowski, both of Alaska, and hoping to start a fire. Since Sarah defeated Frank Murkowski, the senator’s father, on her way to the governor’s mansion, there has been some bad blood between Palin and the Murkowski family. When asked in an | Read More »

    Sarah Barnstorms Georgia for Saxby (Updated)

    Sarah Palin is on a barnstorming tour of the state of Georgia today, campaigning for fellow Republican Saxby Chambliss. The incumbant senator faces a runoff election tomorrow against challenger Jim Martin, a Democrat. With votes still being recounted in the Minnesota senate contest between Al Franken and Norm Coleman, the outcome of Tuesday’s Georgia runoff could determine the size of the Democrats’ majority in the | Read More »

    Bad Doug. No Diplomatic Bone.

    In a November 23, blog entry for the Jesuit’s America Magazine, Michael Sean Winters argued that law professor Douglas Kmiec would be the “perfect person” to represent the Obama Administration as the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican.

    No wonder the GOP is on its knees

    If Curly Haugland is typical of his fellow RNC members, that would go a long way toward explaining why the Republican Party is in such a mess. Haugland recently sent an e-mail to former Lt. Governor Michael Steele of Maryland asking Steele to give up his quest for the RNC’s chairmanship. The Washington Times printed portions of the e-mail in a story by Ralph Hallow | Read More »

    PACs 4 Palin

    Sarah Palin has some new blessings to be thankful for over the Thanksgiving holidays.Earlier this week, the America Deserves Better PAC uveiled its promised television ad saying “thank you” to Alaska’s governor. Basically, its a video thank-you note, with a number or ordinary-looking folks offering their thanks to Palin for all she’s done. Nice sentiments, but not very imaginative production techniques. It comes in both | Read More »

    Sarah to campaign for Saxby

    Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will take time off from her work of preparing the operating and general FY09 budgets for her state (due December 10) and travel to Georgia to campaign with Saxby Chambliss, according to the incumbent Senator.

    Bankruptcy, now!

    I’m a car guy. Always have been. I’ve lived, breathed and dreamed about things automotive for almost all of my life. Years before I even reached the legal age to get a learner’s permit, I was digesting car books from cover to cover, building scale-model cars from kits and lusting after a ’49 Mercury coupe just like the one James Dean drove in “Rebel Without | Read More »

    Gallup: Republicans Prefer Palin for 2012

    In a survey of Republicans and political independents who “lean” toward the GOP to determine which prospective candidates they would and would not like to see run for president in 2012, Governor Sarah Palin tops the list of those receiving positive responses. Gallup conducted the poll Nov. 5-16.