Looks like Democrats Have More Integrity than Republicans

    “Republicans like to back the winner.” I heard a caller mention that on Los Angeles’ KRLA 870AM’s “The Morning Answer” show with Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro, and Elisha Krause. And I have to say, the caller is 100% correct and it’s a damn shame. I have no doubt in my mind that many who voted for Trump tonight did so because he was winning. Ted | Read More »

    Marco Rubio for President, Ted Cruz for Associate Justice of SCOTUS

    If I were Marco Rubio, I would jump on the phone and call Ted Cruz and say this, “How would you like to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court of the United States?”  Obviously Ted Cruz wants to be President of the United States, he’s running for that job, but surely this thought would be intriguing to him. Cruz would be a magnificent Supreme | Read More »

    Candidates Paths to the Nomination

    Here are the remaining 6 candidates path’s to the nomination, as I currently see it: Donald Trump: Donald Trump’s lack of organization did not prove to be his downfall in New Hampshire, still over 60% of Republicans  did not vote for him. I don’t know that the mid-30’s is Trump’s ceiling, I’m sure there are some of that over 60% that would be willing to cast | Read More »

    Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Will Have No Better Friends Than Each other.

    Marco Rubio had a bad night, but he is still one of three plausible candidates for the presidency with Cruz and Trump being the other two. I’m not entirely sure, but Rubio seems to be the kind of guy who thrives when he is the under dog. He certainly gave no airs about being the under dog in his gracious and humble concession speech last | Read More »

    Rubio 100% Correct on Obama

    Chris Christie should go eat a ho-ho. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, the conventional wisdom on Marco Rubio is that he performed poorly, that he stalled his momentum and maybe even lost support and in the rough and tumble of the New Hampshire primary, that may be true. But on a national level and where it counts for Rubio: He got | Read More »

    Immaturity Driving Anti-Rubio Conservatism

    A few days ago, Rush Limbaugh explained why he thought Rubio is a Reaganite. The whole thing is worth your time. Having deleted my Disqus account for most sites because of the nastiness of Trumpers, I decided to browse anyway to get a feel for what people were saying about it. I saw one website that did a poll at the end asking if Rush is | Read More »

    Cruz should choose Rubio or Haley for VP if he wins the nomination.

    The base of the Republican party is out of control. That’s going to anger some people, but it’s the truth. As Mark Wright notes over at National Review, the fact that Governor Nikki Haley, Speaker Paul Ryan, and Senator Marco Rubio are now considered “establishment” is really silly for people who hate them and really good for rational conservatives who understand people can disagree on | Read More »

    Being Politically Incorrect & Being a Jerk

    One of the things Donald Trump’s supporters say they like about him is that he’s “politically incorrect” and “tells it how it is.” If this were true, I’d welcome it. Dr. Ben Carson is absolutely right when he says that we are “too politically correct” and that it results in us not being able to get anywhere because we’re afraid of offending someone. That being | Read More »

    Why I Defend Marco Rubio

    If I were to vote today, I would cast a vote for Senator Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz is a true constitutionalist. He’s someone who has consistently held those values. He rejects the idea that Washington must always be “doing” something and that when far-left Democrats, like President Barack Obama, are in power, it’s appropriate to oppose the agenda moving forward instead of aiding and abetting it. | Read More »

    Let’s call Trump’s bluff.

    Go ahead, Mr. Trump, drop out of the GOP race and run as independent, see if we care. I don’t know about you, but I do not want a liberal spouting the kind of repulsive views Mr. Trump is representing the Republican Party in the general election. I can’t speak for the rest of us, but I will not be threatened or bullied into making someone | Read More »