Why We Might Consider Running a Woman in 2016.

    When Barack Obama became the Democratic nominee in 2008, most expected that his share of the African American vote would increase from John Kerry’s 88% share in 2004. Democrats had always had a huge advantage with African Americans so it wasn’t hard to imagine that some moderate black Republicans might want to vote to make history in electing the first black president. I don’t think | Read More »

    Oh That Coke Ad…

    I originally posted this on BuzzFeed with a liberal/progressive audience in mind. Thus, the excessive explanation of why we believe and think the way we do. I would never assume to explain these things to fellow conservatives. It is a strange irony in our culture that the very people who call for tolerance and understanding are usually the first people to jump to the worst | Read More »

    How to Fix Our Primary System…. And the Republican Party.

    “The solution is to be more conservative!” is the cry of the tea party movement in this country. “No the solution is to moderate and expand our tent!” shout the establishment. The truth is neither of these “solutions” to our electoral woes (we have lost the popular vote the last 5/6 Presidential elections) is really a solution. The problem is we are surrendering big states, | Read More »

    “I Don’t Know What We’re Yelling About!”

    In the movie “Anchorman” Broadcast dinosaurs Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, and Champ Kind argue over the “virtues” of allowing a woman to anchor the evening news in the 1970s. They shout loudly at their station manager airing their objections before Steve Carrell’s hapless Brick Tamland yells, “I don’t know what we’re yellling about!” It’s a funny scene, but an illustration that perhaps the smartest person | Read More »

    An Open Letter to Ann Reid, Scott Terry, and the MSM

    Ann Reid of the Giro was on MSNBC on Monday seems to believe that most people at CPAC agreed with a troll heckler, Scott Terry, a fringe white nationalist. I would like a moment to respond to Ms. Reid, Mr. Terry, MSNBC and the mainstream media who endlessly promotes fringe people like this. Dear Ms. Reid: I understand you are not interested in understanding conservatives | Read More »

    Can We Finally Agree Neoconservativism = Liberalism?

    With the possible exception of former Vice President Dick Cheney, whom every conservative would agree is as tried and true as they come, I am as convinced as ever that neoconservatives are really displaced liberals trying to remold the GOP into it’s image. Let me explain. Before the peace movement of the 1960s and 1970s and, to an extent, The Franklin Roosevelt Administration, the foreign | Read More »

    Minorities and Women.

    So, apparently the GOP is holding a panel on “how to successfully communicate with minorities and women.” Here are some tips I’d give to them: 1) Be yourself.  There’s nothing worse than hearing a parade of white Democrats going through black churches suddenly sounding like Bishop T.D. Jakes. In fact, it’s downright embarrassing! We should go to those places but we should be ourselves. We | Read More »

    Right/Left? How about Success/Failure?

    The media’s obsession with framing every argument politically is hurting our country. I was sitting in Starbucks today when I saw a gentlemen across from me reading an article in  the Wall Street Journal (a by and large conservative newspaper), “Centrist Republican Governor Tacks Right”. It was about Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder coming out in favor of right to work laws after running a pro-labor | Read More »

    “Conservatism” must die….

    Following the election, the editor of this blog, Erick Erickson pointed out that he had predicted almost a year to the date that it happened that if Mitt Romney were the Republican nominee, Conservatism would die and Barack Obama would win re-election. It’s a little disheartening to see Speaker John Boehner, the defacto leader of the Republicans in Washington making that prediction come true by | Read More »

    These Ridiculous Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

    Just so we’re clear, aren’t these negotiations supposed to be about closing the gap on the deficit? That deficit this year will reach around $1.2 Trillion this year alone? And the presidents solution? $1.6 trillion over TEN YEARS assuming people don’t move their money around to avoid the new income taxes to people making over $250,000. I get the sneaking suspicion that President Obama and | Read More »

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