Win By Loosing.

The "Well, You're Just Dumb" argument

I don’t mind when people disagree with me. I really don’t. Diversity of opinion is what makes this country great, one can learn a great deal from their ideological opponents even if it is just trying to figure out how they think. However dreary of hyperbolic their diagnosis of the ills of our country are, I can live with people who have a liberal opinion. In fact, I appreciate some true liberals because of their openness to other ideas, moreso than even some of my fellow conservatives. What I and many other conservatives cannot stand is liberals insistence that conservatives are, among other things, mean, stupid, reckless, racist and just all around terrible people. In all reality, I care very little what people think and politics is not something that is brought up in my regular, everyday conversation with people, but I have had a few encounters with people that have convinced me that liberals believe that conservatives are idiots. I work at the Apple Store and I going to get a woman’s repair from the back room, I saw her last name on her ID and it was the same as a Republican political operative that I know. I asked the woman if she was related to this man and she asked about who he is. I told her that he is a political operative, trying to keep it as general as possible. She asked me what party is was for and I told her he worked for the Republican party. She had a panic attack inside the store, “Oh my God, are you serious?” she asked. Somehow we talked about news and she asked me what kind of news I watched, already feeling a bit skiddish because #1) This woman was completely unbalanced and having panic attacks over Republicans #2) because I was at work and the conversation was already too unappropriate, I declined to tell her I usually watch Fox News, CNBC, and from time to time CNN and just said, “All of them.” She told me “You better not watch Fox News, that’s just all lies.” The woman went on to belittle conservatives in general saying, “I just don’t understand them, how can they be so stupid.”

I attended a community college my first year and walked up to an unmarked voter registration table, I asked if I could could register and a nice, middle aged woman handed me the form. “I hope you’ll be registering as a Democrat” she slipped pass me. “No,” I told her, “I’m registering as a Republican” ( I have since registered as an Independent and then back to Republican as of a few weeks ago.) She gasped and literally asked me “How could you?” I stated matter of factly, “Because I believe in conservative principles, and right now the Republican Party is where conservativism is thriving.” She looked at me with utter disdain, “Republicans are all warmongering racists, you realize that don’t you?” I wasn’t at work this time, “That’s a lie and you know it.” I told her plainly, “Shame on you for intimidating students like this, you should be ashamed of yourself.” I handed her the completed form. She rolled her eyes and I was able to vote, so I assume that means she turned it in.

Now as I watch the media’s reaction to Gov. Sarah Palin, they’re not only critical of her they are making an effort to belittle her, to make her look stupid, to loop the worst of her moments and completely ignore Barack Obama and Joe Bidens misstatements and gaffes. It has really made me sick and tired of liberalism and gave me an epiphany, I’m not one of those “I’m not supporting McCain” based on ideological purity people, I am voting for McCain, enthusiasticly with high hopes that he and the Gov. of Alaska can pull through on this, but maybe we win by loosing this time around.

The Democrats are so arrogant, so full of confidence that their plans for wealth redistribution, socialized medicine, emotion laden reactions (they call it “sensitivity”) to national security emergencies. Let Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid take the reigns for two years, let the country see what this party is all about. We’ll win by loosing in ’08, because after these four have had a go at our country (just look how swimmingly things have been these last two years since they have taken over Congress) the Democrats are going to have a hard time ever winning any sort of election for a very, very long time.

Don’t get me wrong, for the sake of our country, I want us to succeed, I want McCain to win. But Americans have forgotten what it’s like to have a liberal Democratic president, (Bill Clinton was hardly a “liberal” where it counted, the pocket book) it might be good to remind them what they are all about and what they really think of them. There’s nothing better than a bunch of puffed up arrogant twads being toppeled by the very people they thought they were better than. Part of me wants to see this happen as well.

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