Oooooh! Sarah-cuda!

Unleashed, Palin proves more than capable on the trail, in fact, she's impressive.

I don’t remember exactly what she said, so I’ll paraphrase it for you, “So I was reading the “quote of the day” on my mocha cup this morning from Starbucks” said a folksy as usual Sarah Palin on the campaign trail at a rally in Carson. I was there with one of my great friends who’s a poli-sci major at my university. “It was a quote from former Secretary of State Madeline Albright.” The crowd booed and hissed. “It said, ‘There’s a place in hell for women who do not support other women,;” despite mildly misquoting Sec. Albright (she actually said, “there’s a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.”) the crowd went from boo’s to going absolutely wild. This is a woman who knows how to work a Republican crowd and energize a Conservative base. She didn’t stop there though, she asked the American people to consider how a man like Barack Obama who claimed our troops were (I’ll post the full quote for people who are sure to protest this, I don’t see how it helps Obama’s case.) ["And that requires us to have enough troops so that we're not just] air-raiding villages and killing civilians, [which is causing enormous problems there."] She also question the alliances that Barach Obama has built over the years, specifically with ACORN a radical leftist organization that is embroiled in voter fraud, and Professor William Ayers a University of Chicago professor of education who, during the 1960’s bombed the US capitol building, the pentagon and the NYPD headquarters. Since that time, Palin has continued to cut into Obama at event after event after event. She even took some time with the press corps on the plane to talk about why she is continuing to press Obama on this, “It’s relevant to connect that association he has with Ayers, not so much he as a person, Ayers, but the whole situation and the truthfulness and the judgment there that you must question if again he’s not being forthright in all of his answers,” In other words, Obama’s refusal to be absolutely clear on this issue in light of recent evidence that suggests that Ayers was just a “neighbor” raises questions other things he may or may not be hiding. Prime-Minister Maraget Thatcher once said in the heat of intense scrutiny by the equally liberal British media and Labour Party, “This lady is not for turning.” Palin, is not a lady for turning either. It was less than a week ago that Campbell Brown was begging the McCain camp to “Free Sarah Palin.” I’m sure Ms. Brown was expecting the Katie Couric Palin to go out full force making a complete and total fool of herself where ever she goes, I’m not sure what Ms. Brown thinks now. The strategy changed, Palin was indeed being heavily handled by elite Washington Republicans. Because she’s not a policy wonk, they wanted her to be as quiet as possible, and when she had to speak to the main stream media, “fake it til you make it.” This strategy was making Palin look less informed than the 3rd graders she gave a shout out to at the debate. Thankfully McCain interviened, and a new strategy was diveted out. Palin was to be unleashed, she was to go out full force. She was to go on talk radio and rally conservatives, and she was allowed to say whatever she wanted in her interviews with the main stream media, even if that answer was “I don’t know” or as she put it in the debate, “I’ve only been going at this for five weeks.” In turn, Palin has become an asset again: challenging Obama and the Democrats, rallying conservatives, and bringing a level of authenticity and ability to connect with the American people that is seen in few national figures, FDR, Reagan, and Clinton come to mind. In light of recent events it could very well have been a better choice for McCain to pick a policy wonk like Mitt Romney, Mark Sanford or Tim Pawlenty, but Palin is doing what none of these men would have had the ability to do: energize the conservative movement once more.It is yet to be seen if the new and improved Sarah Palin will help the McCain campaign. One thing is for sure, the Newsweek cover stories and TIME magazine featured editorials declaring Palin a “liability” and “deadweight” were premature at best. Palin is proving to be more than capable on the trail, in fact, she’s impressive. Whatever the outcome of 2008, Conservatives will have reason to smile: though she’s got a a little while before she can hold her own on policy, it brought about the new leader of the Conservative movement: Gov. Sarah Palin.

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