Genuine Sexism

Why the Media is Ignoring It.

…..because they want Obama to win of course! Yes that’s obvious, but I posed the question to one of my liberal (a self-described moderate, but liberal) friends, Why is the media ignoring the blatant sexism being directed toward Gov. Sarah Palin. who told me that “The attacks on Palin speak to their disagreements on their issues, whereas the attacks on Obama have to do with the fact that he is black.” When I asked him what Sarah Palin being called a “C*” via a T-shirt that has become quite popular amongst the far left, or a picture one man painted with a male hairy arm punching Sarah Palin in the face, or accusing Gov. Palin of having slave wage milk maids had to do with “disagreements with issues.” He said that the rage directed at Sarah Palin had to do with her policies, whereas the “rage” (some of which does not exist, as Newsweek has now confirmed with the “kill him” comment.) has to do with Obama’s race. He also accused the GOP of sanctioning said racial attacks.

I find this argument utterly absurd. For the record, I think genuinely racist attacks on Obama: food coupons with stereotypically black food on it, images of Obama doctored to look like a extremist Islamic terrorist, and other images made to look like African American caricatures are all wrong and hateful. I don’t care where they came from, they’re racist. Same with the attacks on Governor Palin, I don’t care where they came from they are sexist in nature. And who is to say people know where the people who created this are coming from? Do the people who made the Obama pictures not have disagreements with the junior senator from Illinois? It’s not right that they’re disagreements with Obama have manifested themselves in that form, just as it is not right that disagreements with Gov. Palin have manifested themsevles in the form of sexism.

The media is covering the attacks on Sen. Obama and not covering the attacks on Gov. Palin for one reason: they’re in the tank for him. The media is desperate to see Sen. Obama become President of the United States. I would ask my friend, how do you know that is why people are attacking Sen. Obama? How do you know that is why people are attacking Gov. Palin? He can not see into the hearts of other people.

I have also not seen a single instance where the GOP has sanctioned hateful remarks. Is he talking about the connection to Ayers? Palin’s comment that Obama does not “see America the way you and I see it.”? McCain calling Obama a socialist? These are not racist attacks and I find the arguments that they are laughable.

I am fed up with the media. How’s about we stop ever watching CNN, MSNBC and the nightly news ever again. We all cancel our subscriptions to the liberal newspapers and magazines and grab the conservative alternative, and for those of us who blog, we designate one person to keep an eye on the liberal blogs so as to not boost their web hits and advertising revenue.

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