Will Barack Awaken a Conservative Army? You Betcha!

If Senator Obama Wins, Look for Sarah Palin and an Army of Conservatives look to Sweep Up in 2012

Are we headed for trouble? Yes. Is it because Psuedo-conservatives led by President George W. Bush invaded the Republican Party and grew government out of control? Absolutely. Does this mean Conservatism and “The Age of Reagan” is over as some media pundits are putting it? I don’t think so.I am 21 years old, my mother is 43 years old. What does that have to do with anything? My mother was 11 years old when Jimmy Carter entered office, hardly “politically aware.” You have to think most people below 50 were only really politcally aware during the Reagan years and beyond, they’ve only known an America that is free and prosperous because of the conservative policies that Reagan and the George Bush’s and to an extent Bill Clinton echoed later on. They’ve never known what it’s like, when paying bills and trying to raise families, to live under Jimmy Carter redistributionist, “fairness and economic equality” economics, many of these Americans may have a faint memory of how tough it was during the Carter years, but they weren’t in a place where it affected them too adversly.

People above 50 are the Baby Boomers. My dad is 53, and while he is a conservative, most of his friends in his age group are liberals. They’re the young idealists who lived through the 1960s and 1970s who believe in “fairness” and “economic equality.” These people are the only ones supporting Barack Obama with any philosophical agreement.

What about people my age? My brother had a conversation with one of his coworkers in his 20’s and they were talking about the election. “Oh I’m supporting Obama” he told my brother. “Oh yeah, why?” my brother asked. “Because he’s for change” he responded. “What’s he going to change?” my brother asked him. “Oh, you know, the war.” he said. “Really? and how is Obama changing the war beneficial to us?” my bro asked. “Well you know because Bush lied.” he responded. My brother growing frustrated, “How is Obama pulling out of Iraq going to help us, how is that going to make our situation better?” The guy was speechless. Ah, so proud of my younger brother! This is pretty typical of people my age supporting Obama. They’re supporting him because A) He’s a Democrat and Bush is a Republican. B) He’s black and they think that’s cool. C) They like “hope” and “change.”

Just wait til Obama actually takes the reigns. He’s voted to raise taxes on job creators, those making $250,000 or more, which would affect hundreds of thousands of small businesses that employ millions of Americans . He’s advocated raising corprate taxes and capital gains taxes, which would seriously affect the stock market, the financial sector and the housing market (do we seriously need to adversely affect this stuff.) He wants to hand out $1,200 tax rebate checks to millions of people who don’t pay taxes to “spread the wealth around.” How’s that economic stimulus package working for you? He wants to dramaticly expand government, at least another trillion dollars on top of the nearly 3 trillion dollars we’ve expanded the government this year on financial bail outs. Obama would preside over the biggest expansion of government in our nation’s history, especially if he wins with any sort of “mandate.”

If it was only economic policy, it might not be a big deal. His national security positions are dangerous. He wants to sit down, without preconditions with the most hostile of dictators in the world: Rual Castro, Kim Jong Il (if he’s still alive by then), and probably most curiously the man who declared that Israel was “stinking corpse,” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Obama declared that Iran and North Korea were not “big threats” because they spend only a portion of their budgets on National Security. I’ve got news for Mr. Obama, I assume those terrorist who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center did not spend our military budget on the box cutters they purchased to take over a 747. Add this to Joe Biden’s comments that we’ll face an internation crisis in the first six months of their administration and that the American people would not be happy with the way that Obama responds to it, this guy’s a nightmare on national security as well.

All of this will lead up til 2012, the next general Presidential election. Palin’s already swinging to be the nominee in 2012. While she’s being a bit more liberal to fit in with John McCain’s views, she’s espousing a conservative populism that we haven’t seen since Reagan. She’s got a history of taking on corrupt establishments (like the national GOP.) Look for Palin and an army of conservatives to come out full force in 2012, just like they did in 1980 and like they did in 1994. Our country’s already in dire shape because of neoconservative theory being applied unflinchingly to a real war and because of Republicans not standing up to Democrats when they had a chance, just wait til Obama has full control, enacting liberal policies. I don’t know if Obama realizes it, but he may be raising up a conservative army.

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