Palin-Rice ’12?

In four years time the nation's frustration with the Bush administration will be over, Condoleezza Rice remains one of the most compelling figures in our party.

The Republican ticket in 2012:

Sarah Palin for PresidentCondoleeza Rice for Vice-President

Think it’s crazy? Why shouldn’t Sarah Palin consider Condi for VP should she win the Republican nomination in 2012? Condoleeza Rice is a foreign policy expert, she’s served the first four years in the Bush administration as the National Security adviser and the next four as Secretary of State. Because she’s a governor, foreign policy will be one thing that the Obama campaign will hammer Gov. Palin on. Condi could step in and be a reassuring choice, much in the same way Dick Cheney was for Bush and in a different way, Colin Powell was for Obama.

She’s the most popular and probably the smartest figure in the Bush administration. She’s a moderate who conservatives are comfortable with. While libs will try and smack her with the neocon label, she’s been responsible from moving the Bush administration away from Neoconservative policies, back to the tried and true policies of diplomacy and partnerships with our friends.

The only thing that might stop Palin from putting Condi on the ticket is it would be the first ticket to feature two women. I say, who cares? If the two best people for the job happen to be women, why should that matter?

It’s unlikely, but it would be a powerful and dynamic ticket.

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