How Dare Arnold Schwarzenegger!

By urging the court to strike down Prop. 8, Gov. Schwarzenegger is sticking a thumb in the eye of those who put him in power.

California conservatives were desperate for a Republican governor after the disasterous Gray Davis administration. We were ready for sane people to come into office. So when actor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his decision to run for Governor, most conservatives got behind him (while a few chose to support Tom McClintock.) Schwarzenegger assured us that he would not interfere with the will of the people of California when it came to social issues, like gay marriage and abortion. This gave assurance to the right that Gov. Schwarzenegger would defend Prop. 22, which defined marriage in law between a man and a woman. He even vetoed a bill that came across his desk that would have legalized same-sex marriage, saying the people had decided and it would and should be the people that decide to make it legal.

Now as gay activists protest and invade mega churches churches across the country, cause riots, etc. Gov. Schwarzengger shows he has a spine made of jelly. He has decided to stick his thumb in the eyes of those of us who put him into power and publicly declare his desire that the courts overturn Prop. 8, even as the people of California have decided that marriage should remain between one man and one woman.

Then again, none of us should be surprised, should we? How dare you, Governor. Don’t count on ever being a U.S. Senator as a Republican, you’ll loose by a landslide.

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