Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal

In my opinion there are three people that can unite all three types of conservatives together: defense conservatives, social conservatives, and fiscal conservatives. The one guy  who could of done it in 2008 and did it for a while was Fred Thompson. For some reason the talk-radio guys were convinced, despite all evidence to the contrary, that Mitt Romney was a conservative. Then you had social cons smitten with Mike Huckabee, a good and honest man and someone who I might vote for, but defintely not a conservative’s conservative. Thompson was a bit of a bore and in 2012, he’ll be 70 years old by time the Presidential election rolls around. 

So there are two very young (too young by traditional Republican standards, but these are different times) candidates who I think have a natural draw, raw political talent, and proven compitence to be successful leaders of the conservative movement. I believe that Gov’s Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal are people conservatives should get solidly behind. Palin has slight seniority on Jindal, but they are both great leaders who have great ideas. 

This does not mean they’re neccessarily orthodox conservatives in every area. She may have just been echoing John McCain’s feelings, but Palin had said she is in favor of a similar immigration plan to John McCain’s. Some see this as a hinderance for her, but it is actually a great opportunity for the Republican Party. My feeling is she hasn’t forumalted a position on this issue because she does not have the porous southern border problem and she’s so far away from it. I watched Palin as she compassionately explained her opposition to same-sex marriage and how she has tried to understand the issues gay and lesbian Americans go through and approach the issue with sensitivity. This was the best I had seen this issue explained, Palin was principled, but did not project anger or percieved hatred in any way. She could do this with the immigration issue. We need a portion of the Hispanic vote if we are going to be successful in future elections, Palin could embrace the conservative position without the unneccessary rancor of some on the right who have put down Hispanics. 

Bobby Jindal is an altogether different strand of conservatism. Thoughtful, articulate, and educated yet still understanding of the issues that face everyday Americans. Gov. Jindal has completely transformed the state government of Lousiana. Jindal is the only nationally known conservative to have implemented an actual health care policy that seems to be working. 

Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal are our future, it’s time we start getting behind them now.

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