Rescuing the Economy from the Government.

As we have learned from the past, the best way for the government to “rescue the economy” is to  let go of the power they have over it. I’m not an expert on the economy by any stretch of the imagination, my experience in economic matters amounts to a semester in Macro and Micro economics, both of which I barely attended. But based on what I know about the laws of supply and demand and the way the market works, isn’t the best thing the government can do is to but out further? 

I think we should cut corporate taxes down to a flat 15%, which would give us one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world. This would give corporations more money to hire new employees. It’s sad when the United States is competing with South Africa, ran by the far left African National Congress, in terms of low corporate tax rates, it’s time we make the United States friendly to business once again. I would love it if we enacted a flat tax or The FairTax (I like both ideas), but if we’re going to keep a graduated income tax system, we need to drastically cut all brackets  or suspend income tax for a while. This would give the American people some confidence to go and spend the cash. Finally, I think the US government should completely cut the capital gains tax, which would rally the markets and help the housing market (and might actually give banks confidence to renegotiate people’s loans.) 

Finally, the government needs to get it’s house in order. A rapid bout of government spending directed properly could spur temporary economic growth, but it is seriously going to make it difficult for America to move forward in the future and continued borrowing holds us hostage to countries we borrow from like China, who as we all know doesn’t like us that much. For a political party who claims to be so concerned about the future of the weather and that we must do whatever we can to try and curb it, they certainly don’t care much about the tangibles. We need real action on real issues. We need to drastically cut spending in 

Doing these four things would eliminate the need for stimulus packages and bailouts and would really stimulate our economy.

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