“Proportional Response” is Unreasonable.

‘Proportional Response’ is Unreasonable.
The world has almost universally condemned Israel (the United States remains neutral though behind the scenes united with Israel) for not delivering a “proportional response.” This is liberalism gone amok once again. The mindset that “equality” and “fairness” need now be extended even to the battlefield when defending one’s country is ridiculous and silly. Should we have been keeping track of how many people we killed in World War II, Vietnam or even Iraq to make sure that we give the enemy enough of our people to kill? What does the media mean by a “proportional response”? Should have Israel hired random people to go plant rockets in the bushes and launch them into Gaza during a renewed cease fire? This line of thinking could be taken to new levels of ridiculousness, Should the Jews who immigrated from Germany taken Germans with them to slaughter in their own holocaust? Should South African blacks and Indians send out a secret police force to murder innocent South African whites further should South African blacks subjegate South African whites to Aparthied? It would a proportional response. 

Being taken the other way, Hammas is a problem. Sure, it’s democratically elected, but it is a terrorist organization. Israel has every right to defend itself. There are over a dozen Arab states in the region and one Jewish state. Hammas does not desire to live side by side with Israel, they hate Israel, they hate the fact there is a Jewish a state. Hammas has to be taken out.

Like everyone, my heart breaks for the innocent Palastinian people caught up in all of this, but Israel’s got to do what it can to protect it’s citizens. The people must know, this is the consequence for empowering a terrorist organization like Hammas. Let’s not forget, Israel honored the cease fire that was drawn up, Hammas did not. 

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