The Ideal GOP Moderate.

I have said before, I hate the term “RINO.” I am a conservative, but I don’t like litmus tests because then it begs the question, were does one cease to be a conservative and become a RINO? That being said, I understand and agree with many of the frustrations of moderate Republicans like John McCain, but then I saw a video of a moderate I like very much and the type of moderate GOPers we should attract to run in places were conservatives cannot win. 

This gentleman’s name? former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani. While John McCain likes to stick his thumb in they eye of conservatives and attempts to talk down to us, Rudy knows how to speak our language. He also understands how our government works and thus his liberalism doesn’t effect us on a national level. During the Presidential candidate, he explained federalism to a tee. What works in California might not work in Kentucky, and what works in South Carolina might now work in Michigan. 

Rudy also doesn’t mind that conservatives are at the helm of the national party. He frequently said he greatly admires the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Rumors abound that Rudy will run for Governor of New York next year. I would support this bid. While the GOP in general needs to return to conservativism on national level. In more liberal areas where conservatives have a hard time winning, we need to throw our support behind more people like Rudy Guiliani who understand, respect, and generally follow conservativism,  and less people like John McCain who like to stab conservatism in the back.

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