Should Palin Even Run for Re-Election in 2010?

If Sarah Palin is going to run for President in 2012, should she even run for re-election in 2010? 

Alaska is a remote state and running for re-election in 2010 then turning around a few months after her second inauguration as Governor and running for President might upset Alaskans. 

She also can’t say, “I’m running for re-election, but it’s really going to be Sean Parnell [Alaska's Lt. Governor] who’s running things this next term.” 

Not running has downsides, the media could try and spin it and say she wasn’t confident to run again, or they could say one term as the Govenor of Alaska does not qualify one to be President of the United States, the list would go on and on and on with the media (I don’t think we should really care about the media to be honest, she’s lost with them anyway.)

So what do you think? Should If she plans to run for President, should Palin run for re-election next year?

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