And Obama Though McCain would Just Roll Over…

Sworn adversary of conservatives (such as myself), John McCain, has become one of the chief opponents of President Barack Obama’s stimulus plan. And the President thought McCain would just roll over for him in the name of bi-partisanship. Appearing on Hannity tonight, Sen. McCain urged the American people to call their senators and oppose this stimulus on the grounds that it doesn’t really stimulate the economy. 

There are calls for McCain to be challenged for his senate seat in the primary by a younger conservative, Barry Goldwater is McCain’s predeccessor. While I support healthy competition and would welcome a more conservative senator in that seat, I’d say let’s all wait and see before we get behind a potential challenger to kick McCain out. All of the big issues Obama is going to try and put through, McCain has huge disagreements with– this stimulus, universal health care, the fairness doctrine, the second amendment. McCain is all great with these issues and his voice, a nationally recognized one now, could be an important one in the senate. 

Think about it? What other Republican senator is there with as much recognition as Sen. McCain? I gotta tell you, I admire McCain for sticking to his guns in this case and stepping back from the urge to be bipartisan! If only he could look at Global Warming cap and trade legislation for what it is. (If Mr. McCain is so concerned about the environment, I’d read “Contract with the Earth” by Newt Gringrich for real market oriented solutions to the environment.) 

Sen. McCain could be a powerful voice for the things that really matter the next four years. Remember, everyone, myself included thought McCain would roll over for the President in the name of bipartisanship. He’s not doing that, he’s sticking to his principles, and we should recognize that and give him props where props are due.

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