A Royal Embarrasment

So did anyone else hear what a cheapskate our President is? But this is not the only embarrasing news coming out of the first meeting between British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the new President of the United States. Brown rightly sees President Obama as a kindred spirit, Brown’s “Ronald Reagan,” to he being “Margaret Thatcher,” as Brown has compared himself to Margaret Thatcher, embarrasingly. But Obama didn’t even give Brown a joint press confrence and was visably bored during their meeting (but who could blame Obama, really? Have you seen PM Brown speak? Snooze…) and photo-op in front of the press.

Apparently the president hasn’t quite grasped that The United Kingdom is our most important ally in the world. They’re sometimes the only country within relative proximity to Europe that has our back. (The UK and Europe are different, see Mark Steyn on why this is important.) So why the President is giving the British Prime Minister the cold shoulder? I have no idea.

This could endear Obama with the Brits though, as Brown’s numbers are lower than ever and the Tory’s look poised to make a comeback in the next general election. Brown is too scared to call the election early and hand the keys of 10 Downing St. over to David Cameron. Something tells me though, just as us Yanks would be offended if someone blatantly disrespected our President abroad, no matter who it is, that the Brits aren’t taking this lightly.

Special Relationship is more than just a phrase, Mr. President. It is a strategic partnership, and it would be a damn shame if it’s one of the many things you seem to be messing up lately sir.

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