California to Eliminate Marriage?

HotAir is reporting that California Attorney General Jerry Brown has submitted an idea that would eliminate the state’s role in marriage altogether in California. The law would make every opposite sex union now a civil union (effectively what gays and lesbians get in California already, which is identical to marriage, just without the title) and the ceremony and title of “marriage” would be up to individual religious institutions. All the state would provide will be the legal protection that was given to married couples before.

While I love the role of the state to be diminished, this is not what supporters of Prop 8 are worried about–they’re worried about their values being comprimised: their children having “equality” lessons shoved down their throats in schools, having to pay consequences for opting not to do that, and most importantly protecting churches from trial lawyers like John Edwards who might take legal action against churches for not marrying gay couples.

I’ve always said, the best thing gays could do for themselves is submit their own constitutional amendment that would grant them marriage rights while at the same time putting in an provision that would reaffirm religious freedom and would protect churches who refuse to marry gay couples. This would never happen of course, because the radical end of the gay rights movement wants full acceptance from society. I have one gay friend whom I consider pretty reasonable with these issues tell me it was okay for gay couples to sue churches who won’t marry gay couples. It’s not okay, religious freedom is apart of the first amendment of the FEDERAL constitution, and last time I checked there is no amendment protecting marriage of any kind.

We’ll have to see where this goes. Part of this actually appeals to me, because I think there are far more pressing issues at hand than who gets married to who (our faltering economy), but then there’s the core of my being that recognizes that families are the bedrock of our society and anything to tear that done would be a big mistake–we shall see what happens.

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