Jon Stewart: Moron.

Allow me to preface this thought with a little caveat: I really enjoy The Daily Show and especially The Colbert Report. I think no one does what Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert better than they do and the attempts by the right to do something similar have not worked as well (1/2 Hour News Hour Anyone?), although Dennis Miller, which was serious but had bits of satrical news was pretty good but abruptly cancelled.

This latest tirade by Stewart against Jim Cramer though just shows what a petty little troll Jon Stewart can be as a lackey for the Obama administration. Stewart wasn’t attacking Cramer because Cramer was a “cheerleader” for the corporations, Stewart was attacking Cramer because Cramer attacked Stewart’s teen idol, President Barack Obama.

I went on CNN this morning to find a headline titled, “Stewart seen as winner in showdown with Cramer.” Cramer went on The Daily Show to defend himself and recieved little more than a verbal lashing from Stewart, who clearly has no clue what he’s talking about. What’s outrageous (though not surprising) is CNN just went along with it. Here is how Lisa Respers France, who wrote the article, describes the “showdown:”

Stewart, known for his zany, satirical take on the news, was serious as he took Cramer’s network to task for what Stewart viewed as their “cheerleading” of corporations at the heart of the nation’s current economic crisis.

There is absolutely no correction, that corporations are not at the heart of the financial crisis, as Stewart and the Obama administration would have you believe. The heart of this financial crisis is poor decisions made by the government in regards to “fair housing.” We’re in this mess because of government gerrymandering of the banking system. We’re in this mess because people like Maxine Waters (D-CA), Barney Frank (D-MA) and Chris Dodd (D-CT) refused to impose regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and refused to reform fair housing laws. President Bush tried in 2001, and Sen. John McCain tried again in 2005, but these people and other Democrats stood in the way.

THEY’RE the reason we’re in this mess. Yes, some Republicans capitulated, and they should hang their heads low for doing so, but they didn’t write the laws or come up with the idiotic policies that drove us into this mess. Jon Stewart is either ignorant of all this information because of his raw blind hatred of the Bush administation and everything it stood for, including free market economics, and is just a moron or he is intentionally trying to cover up for Democrats and the Obama administration. (President Obama wasn’t even in the senate long enough to have a record on this issue, though he admits it was a “good idea.”) I tend to lean toward a mix of both.

What concerns me is I know people who say, “I get my news from The Daily Show.” This is scary, considering Jon Stewart’s blind hatred of Republicans, blind support of Obama and the Democrats, and his ignorance to the issues of the day. We need an alternative to Stewart who will boldly declare, “Stewart is a moron.”

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