C’mon Now, Laura…..

I like Laura Ingraham, her show is one of the most relevant and entertaining talk radio shows, and she is easily the most listened to conservative female talk radio host (not overall, Dr. Laura still owns a large audience.) I’m also not the biggest fan of Meghan McCain, but this is a bit below the belt.

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If anyone saw Meghan on Hannity the other night (which happened after my post), she’s actually more conservative than her Dad on some issues (like closing Gitmo, for example.) I think what Meghan, Laura, and Ann (who hasn’t hit Meghan back yet) need to realize is that this conservative vs. moderate crap is lame, we need to win and we’re all going to have to work together. Based on the line-up that’s shaping up for 2012, it looks like we’ve got a bunch of principled conservatives with moderate flares (there’s a case to be made that Mike Huckabee is a moderate.) So not everyone is going to get someone they’re 100% thrilled with, but we need to get geared up and ready for 2010 and then stand behind our candidate and do what we need to to get him/her elected president in 2012. And trying to pick fights with eacher (Meghan) or getting drawn into those fights (Laura, myself) is not going to solve anything.

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