The Left’s Conflicting Interests

Leftist coalitions always falter because they target special interests that conflict, this is going to be illustrated in no better way than the 2010 California Gubernatorial Election. Despite being a deeply blue state, and it’s current governor being a Republican (albiet a RINO; and I don’t throw that term around), the likely Republican candidate Meg Whitman is favored to become the next governor of the nation’s largest state. Why is that?

It all has to do with a little prop that has become indespensible to the California Republican Party; Prop 8. Half of Prop 8’s supporters are people who want to defend traditional marriage, the other half are constructionists who might otherwise support gay marriage, but didn’t like that the decision came from the California Supreme Court. All three of the Democrats’ potential candidates were fierce opponents of Prop 8, and the leading one, Gavin Newsom was featured on commericials with his now infamous remark, “Whether you like it or not, it’s coming, it’s happening” and is Hollywood’s favorite candidate, which actually matters for a Democrat in California. California Attorney General and former Governor Jerry Brown rewrote Prop 8, to reflect that the law would eliminate rights for same sex couples (just a word here; civil unions have every right of marriage, are easier to get and easier and less expensive to get out of.), rather than protect traditional marriage as it had initially been written, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villariagosa was one of Prop 8’s most vocal opponents and personally married gay couples outside of city hall.

The reason Democrats are running into trouble at getting into the governor’s mansion (and why their numbers are starting to wane in the State Assembly and Senate) is because they’re a party based on special interests, not on actual principle. The Democratic Party in the state says they are the party of the minorities, meanwhile they’re also the party of the radical gay agenda. These two parties conflict. Latinos, heavily Catholic were some of the biggest supporters of Prop 8. African Americans voted for Prop 8 two to one. Many liberals suspected because Obama was on the ballot and turn out for him was going to be so high that Prop 8 should have been soundly defeated, just was soundly as John McCain was defeated, but that was not the case.

The left has a problem and it is now coming to a head after years of unparalled power here in the Golden State. It’s special interests are now in conflict with each other, and latinos and African Americans are flocking to Meg Whitman, a talented executive, to rescue California economy and other things liberals in the state (including Arnold Schwarzengger) have ignored over the last 10 years. Take heart my friends, principle always works and conservatives will be back, even if it take a long time.

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