Real Education Reform

The left has invaded the educational system in this country and has completely destroyed it. Not only have they lowered standards, but they have raised expectations. The left has made every High School student in America believe that going to college is for everyone, and it is the unequivocal ticket for success and fortune. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but I did pretty well in High School, I graduated with a 3.5 GPA and I got over 1200 on my SAT’s. I wasn’t the straight-A Advanced Placement student, but I did pretty well in normal classes. While I can handle it and I haven’t had to retake any courses, college is difficult for me. It’s not just a certain level of intellegence that’s needed, it’s discipline and a lot of hard work.  It’s been a great experience for me as I have learned how to have discipline and how to work hard.

As great an experience as college is, the left is wrong. College is not for everyone. And moving away from that has made this country worse. We have a lot of students stuck at community colleges for years and years, when they should really be at trade schools and in apprenticeships. I think this comes from the left’s belief that our freedom, prosperity, and individuality comes from within ourselves rather than from God. You see Christianity teaches that whether someone is a plumber, a janitor, a CEO or President of the United States, we all have the same value to God as individuals, the CEO is not greater than the janitor, the president no greater than the plumber. Obviously, we’re not going to have the same financial outcomes, but that’s okay. Some of us were meant to be CEOs and some of us were meant to be plumbers.

One’s value is not found in education. One’s value is found in the fact that they are a creation of God. I believe that God instills certain abilitys and skills into some individuals and some into others. The lie that the left has told students is that everyone can make it in college. Some do, they spend six years limping through college, graduate with alright grades, get a job they hate making $60,000 a year while paying of tons of student loans.

We need to completely reorganize education and go back to how schools were in the 1940s and 1950s. For students who were more academic and obviously college bound, there was a college track, and if students did seem college bound initially and only hit their stride in their sophomore or junior year, there was room to change. There was also an activity hour where students would go to shop class, woodshop, student security (hall monitors), cooking, home ec (as politically incorrect as it may be), typing class, etc. Students who were not neccessarilly college bound were able to try things and find something they loved to do and then were advised on what route to go if they wanted to become a mechanic, a carpenter, go to the police or firefighter, etc. etc.

There is no shame in going into an apprenticeship or tradeschool. We need people to fill these jobs. There are many students in community colleges, state universities, ect who are there because the left is utterly narcissistic at it’s core and can’t fathom that some people aren’t college bound. Real education reform is found in resetting the goals of our students.

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