Race Will Be Utterly Irrelevant Very Soon.

I know, I know, “not another post on race!” but I think this time you might agree with me on something: I think race is going to be uttered irrelevant in the next generation or two. The 2010 census will be the first census to allow people to claim more than one ethnicity and I think what the US Census Bereau finds is going to shock alot of liberals.

Most people I know date and eventually marry outside of their race. These are also usually very conservative people. My best friend, who herself is half black and half white, married one of my long time buddies who is half white and half hispanic. My brother, who is white, is dating a hispanic girl. How are their children going to classify themselves? Could they even classify themselves? Would it make sense? No. They have never asked me to do this, but I have a response ready for any family member who tries to persuade me to date inside my race, “How do you expect me to do that?” More and more people are half-something. And I contend that in the next two generations it’s going to be more and more like that.

I’m a marketing person, and so my mind wanders in areas where I can still find a niche of people to market ideas to, which is why I’m not opposed to Michael Steele’s ideas of adding a little “hip-hop” to the GOP. However, this may not be a wise long term strategy as Americans are not bound by race or ethnicity–we’re bound by ideas, which is wonderful thing if you think about it. The left’s ghettoizing of every single minority and their marketing of grievences has only hurt minority communities and caused them to think American=white and conservative=white when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Conservatism is a set of values and principles.

President Obama called himself a “mutt” at a press conference when talking about picking his new dog. I know it was a joke, but what President Obama may not realize is that more and more Americans are going to look like him in the future. We can use this trend to our advantage, the left’s tribalism is going to look more and more antiquated and people can know that it is our values and principles that bind conservatives together, not our ethnicity.

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