Don’t Cede Ground on So-Called “Torture”

The Democrats are desperate to define the terms of this debate. I’ll admit that I was lazy on this issue, all I knew was the techniques sounded pretty bad and wasn’t happy the Bush administration used them. Upon looking into the issue, I am more convinced that these agressive interrogation technqiues are not torture by any stretch of the imagination, that we got extremely valuable information by using them, and that the Democrats don’t fully buy that it’s torture and are just using this as a way to punish the previous administration.

This is wrong folks. We need to not give up ground on this issue, if you hear someone call it torture, tell them it isn’t torture. It is not torture to cover a man’s face and pour water down his nose for two minutes, I’m sorry! Especially when there are more leftists who have waterboarded themselves than the Bush administration waterboarded terrorists. It isn’t torture to put a catepillar in a space with a confined human being, as I stated in a letter I wrote to President Obama that I posted here at RedState, there are frat hazing techniques worse than what we did to these bastards.

I wish I could send the Democrats to Zimbabwe, where my parents are from, and have them watch as Mugabe really tortures his political opposition by pouring hot liquid plastic all over the backs of the men and women who oppose him, or watch as they have thin slices of their fingers cut off piece by piece until they devulge information valuable to Mugabe’s regime. They could go open the doors of the rooms filled with the dead bodies of ordinary Zimbabwean citizens and their families who oppose Mugabe’s administration. This is torture, this is real permenant damage being done to people.

The Democrats are trying to run this country like a banana republic, punishing the previous administration over policy disagreements. There is no consensus that waterboarding or any of the other technqiues used by the Bush administration is torture. Educate your neighbors, write your Congressmen and Senators, make sure that people know we do not support this witch hunt, and by the way, we support the CIA using these techniques on these bastards to get the information we need to protect America!

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