Larry Elder for US Senate.

Former talk radio show host Larry Elder is considering a run for the U.S. Senate against Barbara Boxer. I’ve got to say, Larry would defintely be a strong choice, yes stronger than even Carly Fiorina. The state GOP wants Fiorina for the same reason it favors Meg Whitman for Governor (I’ll be on record saying I’m supporting Whitman for the Governorship) Fiorina has alot of money and would be able to fund her own campaign.

Firoina, like Whitman, is more of a conservative-leaning moderate Republican. Which is fine, she is respectful of the conservative movement and is solidly conservative on the issues that matter. She’s solidly pro-life, she’s anti-bail outs and is an advocate of responsible spending and a sound national security. So I’d be fine with Fiorina, but I think she’s a better cabinet person, a better senior economic adviser, or a treasury secretary in the next Republican presidential administration.

Larry was a talk radio show host in Southern California for years. He is a strong libertarian-leaning conservative. With a background in law, Larry analyzes things from a “Is it neccessary” sort of stand point. Case in point– as a libertarian, he is not personally offended by the idea of gay marriage, but he did not view it as neccessary because same sex couples recieved all of the same rights under the current laws in a civil union in California. Larry is also staunchly against wasteful government spending and programs. He abhored George W. Bush’s prescription drug benefit program and the expansion of the federal government’s role in education from “No Child Left Behind.” While it is unclear whether or not Larry is personally pro-life, he was very supportive of the pro-life movement on his radio show. Larry WAS one of three local talk radio personalities on KABC here in Southern California, while it is unclear why he left it was sudden and sources indicated Larry was let go due to budget cuts (it was cheaper to sindicate Mark Levin in the afternoons.) He was let go in favor of Al Rantel and Doug MacIntyre, both usually good hosts who voted for Obama in the general election due to their distaste of John McCain, whom they viewed as insufficiently conservative (why they voted for Obama, I have absolutely no idea.) Larry scolded both of them on air for voting for Obama whom he viewed as the most liberal candidate to ever run for President of the United States.

I hope this news is true and I would encourage the CA GOP to rethink their strategy in having rich moderates be the ones they support. Larry would have huge support from the huge conservative base in southern California, I’m sure the base in the Central Valley would come to love him too.

Larry Elder for US Senate! You can check out his website at larryelder.com to read his columns and listen to sound bites from his old show.

P.S. Wouldn’t it be funny if the only two African Americans in the senate where strongly conservative Republicans? (Larry Elder and Michael Williams) We all know Sen. Burris is getting another term. I wonder if the CBC is going to insist so strongly on having Elder and Williams in the senate so that there is more “African American representation.” Hmm…. Somehow I doubt it.

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