Let Obama Nominate A Justice!!! It Could Be a Good Thing!

Yes, I too was dismayed by the news that Justice Souter is throwing in the towel (not because I’m a Souter fan, but I’m absolutely frightened by the prospects of whom Obama could pick), but after thinking about it for a while, might Obama nominating a Supreme Court Justice be a good thing?

The chance to nominate a justice is the presidents chance to leave his or her lasting mark on the court. Especially in the most modern of times, Presidents have usually put someone on the court who reflects their deepest held convictions. There are exceptions: H. W. picking Souter, Reagan picking Kennedy, but overall it’s generally true.

Think of how radical Obama’s Supreme court nominee could be. I mean how moderate could Obama possibly go in the judicial wing of today’s Democratic party? The most “center of the road” he could go is Hillary Clinton and it’s not so much that she’s a real big moderate more than it is people are used to how radical she is and how she would be. Obama’s going to appoint a foaming at the mouth leftist and it’s going to give people an idea of how radical he actually is.

Hopefully whomever the President elects will remind people never to vote for a far left winger ever again.

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