Ignore Palin? We’ll Ignore You GOP.

The Politico has a story out today quoting Republican strategists who all say the GOP would rather just “ignore Palin.” Mike Murphy, long time friend and adviser to John McCain said, “She’s bigger in the media than in reality. Palin is the only Republican politician right now who is interesting, a little different, connected to the last campaign and related to an occasional story in the National Enquirer.” He also said that the GOP would rather just ignore Palin, but the media won’t let them.

I wonder if Mr. Murphy realizes that it is us that won’t let him and other Republicans forget about Sarah Palin. She is the only reason his friend didn’t get “Goldwatered” against Barack Obama in 2008. She energized the conservative base, she jeopardized her own political career and brand to help John McCain get elected and she nearly succeeded where it not for the economic meltdown of 2008 and the media’s constant underminding of her credibility.

Mitt Romney also made a pass at Palin. When discussing why there weren’t more Republicans on Time’s 100 Most Influencial People, which Palin made and Romney did not, He quipped, “I think there are a lot more influential Republicans than that would suggest, but was that the issue on the most beautiful people or the most influential people?” he continued. “I’m not sure. If it’s the most beautiful, I understand. We’re not real cute.”

Oh, Mitt’s back to his dirty old tricks again. Mittens better be careful, the conservative base only got behind him because he was the only second-tier conservative in the 2008 Presidential race, no one was real enthusaistic about his candidacy, but most conservatives were thrilled as hell over Palin. Mitt should save the sanctimony for all of his liberal friends he threw under the bus to run for President in 2008. As you can tell, I’m not as big a Mitt fan as some people here are (though I’m alright with him.) If he attacks Palin the way the left did he can be sure, there will be conservatives running ads of him declaring he will be more gay friendly than Ted Kennedy, we’ll play ads running statisitcs of RomneyCare, we’ll show the clips of him flip-flopping on abortion. We’ll make it extremely difficult for him to ever win the Republican nomination and if he’s really ugly to Palin, we’ll make it hard for whomever the nominee is to pick him for VP.

From the sounds of it, the attacks on Palin by both the left and the GOP are very similar to the attacks on Reagan in the late 1970s, just watch all these assholes become her greatest boosters if she turns out to be one hell of a good Presidential candidate and wins the nomination in 2012. All I know is this, when 55% of the Republican Party wants it to be more like Palin, dissing her left and right may not be a good idea.

Memo to the GOP: Ignore Palin and people like her, and we’ll ignore you, and you’ll keep loosing.

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