Alaskan Conservatives Need to Stand Up for Gov. Palin.

A new poll from McClatchy shows Gov. Sarah Palin’s approval rating is now at 54% this is down from nearly 90% before she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate. I am sure there are good conservatives up there in Alaska who support her and stand by her, but the effort needs to become more organized.

If Gov. Palin looses re-election in 2010, her chances of going any further in politics–either to the senate or to The White House–will be severely hampered. The fact is, we need Gov. Palin on the national stage, she is one of the most effective voices for conservatism and one of the people who has the ability to lead us back to victory.

What can be done? What can those of us in the Lower 48 do for Gov. Palin aside from donating to her re-election campaign? (Which, we’ll undoubtadley do) Is there any Democrat who poses a threat to her re-election chances?

If we’re going to be successful we’ve got to be more organized and stand up against the hit jobs taken against our best people.

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