So, Mr. Brown, Radical Muslims are A-OK, but Michael Savage Isn’t?

I’m not the biggest fan of Michael Savage who currently hosts the third most popular talk radio show in the United States. He lost me when he went on about how dyslexia is fake and how people with dyslexia are just stupid. I have a mother, grandmother, brother and a sister with dyslexia and I can assure Mr. Savage that they are not stupid and really do have a different way of thinking.

That being said, it really amuses me that Labour has sat back while radical muslims have invaded their country and even welcomed them with open arms but bans an American shock jock because of his controversial views. While not all muslims who have entered the UK are radical, there are many radical clerics that spew all sorts of hateful things toward the west. I don’t see the Labour government running into their mosques and deporting them.

The truth is, the Labour government has put the UK (as in The United Kingdom, which includes England, but is not equal to England, Mr. President) into a bit of a bind. Massive, uncontrolled immigration, loads of spending (Gordon Brown makes Barack Obama look like Barry Goldwater), a health service falling to pieces, other public services falling to pieces and an inadequite conservative government waiting in the wings with no Maggie Thatcher in sight.

Maybe it’s better for Michael Savage that he’s not allowed there.

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