Obama is Not Spock

I must admit, I am a recent Trekkie convert (and I know Star Trek’s legions of fans would say this is blasphemy because I like Stark Trek now because of the new movie.), but this whole business about Obama being Spock is really ridiculous. This has become the left’s new favorite hobby and learn to love it because it’s going to happen every time a new movie featuring a classic Americana creation comes about. If it’s an American creation and it’s good, it must have some connection to Barack Obama. Hell, scratch just American creations, don’t be surprised if we start hearing Obama’s Harry Potter in a few weeks time.

From what I have learned from Spock in just my five days of being a Trekkie, he is calm, cool, and collected as Obama’s public face suggests and the left’s idea of how Obama is. Spock, however, seems to be the anomoly in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek Universe. According to Roddenberry, In the 23rd Cenutry, man has embraced socialism and all the other values the left holds near and dear to their hears–diversity, equality of income, etc. and the world’s a better place for it, dammit. Captain James T. Kirk epitomizes humans of the 23rd century. Kirk is pure Id and pure Super-ego, taking the best parts, according to liberals, of each and running with it.

Spock is, as his father describes him in Star Trek a “child of both worlds.” While he defintely has a human side the feels empathy and compassion, he is prone to do what is logical because of his rearing on the planet Vulcan. It seems to me, based on his past, oh 125 days or so, Obama runs from what is logical into “what feels right.” He’s closing Gitmo on the basis that the Europeans don’t like it and it feels good to do so . He’s passed a massive stimulus bill which wasn’t really about stimulus and more about helping leftist groups that felt shafted over the last 30 years or so. He’s gone to Europe to apologize to everyone’s who’s feelings were hurt.

A more accurate Star Trek character to link Obama to would be Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation, while Picard is a brave man in the series and is known to make some wise decisions (just like Obama has made some wise decisions, The Afghanistan Surge for example), he comes off as very preachy, and the subject of his sermons are mostly leftist ideas. But if we’re really going to be honest, Obama is more Jedi than Starfleet.

Mr. Roddenberry, based on the leftist ideas promoted on the various Star Trek series,  would have surely praised the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, but Mr. Obama is no Mr. Spock. Not by a long shot. Spock lives by logic, Obama lives by feelings.

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