To GOP Who Say We Need To Support Sotomayor Because She’s Hispanic….

Why aren’t you supporting Marco Rubio over Charlie Crist for the senate? If this is about race and appealing to Hispanics and proving to Hispanics that we are not anti-Hispanic, Why are you supporting what we supposedly need to rid ourselves of: an old, white, white-haired man over we we supposedly need: a young, attractive minoirity?

The reason of course is the whole identity argument in politics is one big gigantic fraud. Liberals don’t care about race when it all comes down to it. They care about their agenda, part of their agenda is to coalesce minorities into one lock step voting bloc, and if a minority steps outside of that agenda they masacre them.

The irony of the arugment as put forth by people like Meghan McCain, Colin Powell, and David Frum is that women and minorities are usually amongst the most conservative in the Republican Party (and outside of it) look at Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, who’s looking to replace the moderate Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the senate. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is someone many people see as the potential leader of the conservative movement. Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who might have been the first Hispanic nominated to the Supreme Court had there not been an all out race to assassinate his character. And who could forget what Justice Clarence Thomas called, “a virtual lynching” as he was nominated to the Supreme Court by President George H. W. Bush. Even many gay Republicans are usually conservative. Tammy Bruce and Al Rantel, both talk radio hosts on KABC are openly gay and Rantel is so conservative that he refused to vote for John McCain in the general presidential election (He’s out due to a hip-replacement right now, but I’m guessing . It was Palin who gave Bruce the confidence to vote for the ticket. Recently Meghan McCain’s beloved Log Cabin Republicans experienced a schism because a group of them felt the LCR became too liberal. They launched the conservative gay group GOPride.

Diversity in the GOP is found in the conservative movement, but we don’t flaunt it. I have argued in the past that in today’s climate it might do us some good to do so. But there is a reason we do not. Liberals argue that a metling pot is not ideal for society and that we should instead strive to live in a salad bowl. Their argument is we should celebrate eachother’s diversity and accept eachother’s differences. Sure. We should accept eachother’s physical differences and we should take pride in our different heritages. I do not think we should become a “salad bowl” though. In a salad bowl a piece of lettuce is still a piece of lettuce. A tomato is still a tomato. A green pepper is a green pepper. Take any of these components out of the bowl and it is what it is, it’s not longer a salad. We need to be a melting pot. If something is thrown into a melting pot it becomes apart of the mixture and if you pour the mixture out of the pot it is still what the mixture is.

America is a country not bound together by ethnicity but by ideals of freedom and liberty. This is why it is so important to oppose Crist, Obama, and Sotomayor becuase they do not understand the ideals of freedom and liberty though all three of them have clearly benefitted from them. It is why it is so vital we support Rubio, Williams, and Palin because the three of them DO understand liberty and freedom and what it is to be an American. They understand that if we stand for the principles that we were founded on, everyone benefits.

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