What Does the Obama Admin. Have Against “England”?

First, the president returns the bust of Winston Churchill to the Brits. Then, we gives a wimpy bow to the Queen and Michelle went right in for the handshake without a curtsey (the White House press office insisted she curtsied off camera). Presidents aren’t supposed to royalty, as they represent the sovereign of the United States, which is the People of the United States of America, but that wasn’t what raised eye brows (after all bowing to Queen Elizabeth is forgivable as the UK is one of our greatest allies), it was the fact that the president nearly kissed the floor when he met the King of Saudi Arabia. When you compare the two bows– it’s embarrassing. To add insult to injury the President’s gift to the Queen was an iPod loaded with his speeches (embarrassing for the White House– conservative blogs predicted the iPod has the President’s speeches on them)

The president also frequently incorrectly refers to the United Kingdom as “England”, it would be like Prime Minister Gordon Brown coming to the US and using Iowa and the United States interchangeably.  Either the President is confused or he seriously doesn’t know that England is only one country in The United Kingdom and there are three other countries in it– Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. 

Now, that brilliant Press Secretary of his, Robert Gibbs has delivered a scolding tirade against the media in the UK, mocking their news organizations. Why, might you ask? The mainstream media (namely The Times and The Daily Telegraph) in Britain is pro-Conservative Party and has been critical of the Obama Administration in these early days. The trashy tabloid press–which Mr. Gibbs is referring to and lumping ALL British media with–tends to pro-Labour. 

Nile Gardnier has an excellent write-up at the Telegraph on the whole situation, he is demanding that both the President and Mr. Gibbs apologize (or in the UK, apologise) I whole heartedly agree, and while the president is at it, maybe he can apologize to “England” for the horrible job he has done at practicing (or practising) diplomacy with out most important ally on the planet.

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