You know who else took on her critics?

Margaret Thatcher. 

And she didn’t have a bad political run, did she? 11 years as Prime Minister, and she was forced out by a phony scandal, but her successor John Major and their party, the Conservatives, enjoyed another 7 years of power. A total of 18 years of successful conservative governance. The United Kingdom was much better off as they handed power over to Tony Blair and the Labour Party in 1997 and now that Britain is in such dire condition, they will likely loose power after 13 years. Labour was only really helped by Tony Blair’s personal likability amongst most rational people. Gordon Brown is just a disaster. 

Thatcher was never afraid to take on her critics, whether they be fellow leaders in the world or people in the media. Whenever there was a criticism of the Prime Minister, if she could, she would answer it and defend her actions. She also never accepted false premises put up by the media, which is what really annoys me about Republican politicians. Republicans almost coil in fear of the media, they accept the false premises of the questions the media hurls at them. 

I guess this is why I appreciate two of the most visible women in the Republican Party right now, Sarah Palin and Liz Cheney. I don’t think it hurts either of them to defend themselves against the wrath of the media. (IF Palin where to ever win the Presidency, I think Liz Cheney should be at the top of the list of people to be considered for her Chief of Staff. There are some who say it may be petty, but it’s important, because Republicans have allowed the media to get out of control. When outright lies and half truths are accepted as Gospel, it needs to be the responsibility of Republicans to stand up for the truth.

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