Dear GOP: Defend Yourselves, Dammit.

According to Mike Murphy, A GOP Ice Age is upon us. Apparently, we’re not going to win because we’ve got to change. Murphy believes demographics, the fact that minority populations are growing is going to make us die. 

What bugs me about this is that Murphy is essentially buying into the bogus premise of this argument. Who says conservatism can’t appeal to minorities? Who says the GOP is monolith on the marriage issue? I would venture to say most minorities are conservative, and there are many opinions in the GOP. 

The real problem we face is a Republican Party with people like Murphy who feel the need to apologize for being Republicans and are ashamed of the conservatives in their party. There is no need to apologize for being Republicans, what’s needed is for Republicans to strike down the bogus premises established by the left. 

I know a person who every time we meet he brings up his belief that Ronald Reagan supported Apartheid. He knows I’m a huge Reagan fan, and so he makes sure I know that he thinks Reagan supported them. I asked him what on earth would make him think such a terrible thing. He said because Reagan did not support sanctions against South Africa, he supported apartheid. Reagan did not support sanctions on South Africa, and I think he was wrong there. But that does not mean he supported apartheid. In a speech outlining The US governments position on South Africa, Reagan said, “America’s view of apartheid has been, and remains, clear. Apartheid is morally wrong and politically unacceptable. The United States cannot maintain cordial relations with a government whose power rests upon the denial of rights to a majority of its people based on race. If South Africa wishes to belong to the family of Western nations, an end to apartheid is a precondition.” So, Reagan did not support sanctions because he believed sanctions would be harmful to people they were trying to help, and they would have been. Social unrest was rampant in South Africa, had there been economic unrest on top of that, there could have been mass bloodshed. 

This guy wasn’t making a policy argument, he was making an ideological argument. He believes what drives conservatism is racism. This is what they have preached to every minority group, every minority church. We are the boogey man, thanks to the absolutely false premises that the left has set up. 

The GOP needs to stop giving into these premises and they need to defend themselves. They need to go and talk to minority communities and tell them how conservatism can help them and every other American, the message is timeless and it appeals to everyone because it appeals to a key concept in the heart of every individual- freedom.

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