Palin Did the Responsible Thing

In the midst of all the speculation about why Palin stepped down, did any one ever think it’s why she said she stepped down? 

Palin said that her and her staff were spending 80% of their time fighting bogus ethics charges, and it was wasting the tax payers money. Would you want a Governor working 20% of the time and having them go waste your money on fighting ethics complaints against your office? I know I wouldn’t. It’s not a matter of Palin sucking it up, it’s a matter of functionality and tax payer dollars being spent on something that is unneccessary. 

Palin also happens to be the hottest ticket on the GOP side and can command large fees for speaking, with her speaking tour, her upcoming book, and a whole host of things, she can easily pay for all the ethics charges filed against her. Politically, there is no question this damages her, to people who don’t pay attention to politics it will look like she abandoned her job. But this will put her in a good position to campaign for like minded candidates in 2010 and if she is indeed putting the breaks on running for President for now, other candidates in 2012. 

This was not only the responsible thing to do because of time and money, but it could also turn out really well for Palin’s career if she plays her cards right.

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