Obama’s Choice: The Peanut Farmer or Bubba.

At last week’s horribly boring and long winded Presidential press conference on health care, President Obama laid out a Matrix metaphor, citing that we could choose a red pill or blue pill, one signifying we do nothing about the state of the health care coverage in our country and the other that we buy into his massive, debt ridden, government bureaucrat system. While Congress will have to hear their constituents and make that decision, The numbers for President Obama also reveal a choice that has to be made by the President. The latest poll by Pew Research reveals President Obama’s approval rating has slipped 10 points since April to 54%, Gallup’s latest poll? It has the President at 53%. Pew and Gallup sample adults. It gets even worse when you sample “likely voters” as Scott Rassmussen does at Rassmussen Reports where the President has a 48% approval rating and a 51% disapporval.

In the last 33 years we have had 3 Democratic Presidents including President Obama. The other two were President Jimmy Carter and President Bill Clinton. While Libs love to fantasize about Obama being like JFK (who was popular while alive because he was much more conservative than FDR Democrats) and FDR, President Obama has alot more in common with Carter and Clinton. Carter was hailed by the media as one of the smartest Presidents we ever had, they couldn’t get enough of what they saw as a charming penut farmer from Georgia. Like Obama, Carter was deeply liberal. Like Obama, Carter rode a wave of the country’s desire to put a “dark period” of US History behind us: Vietnam and Watergate. Like Obama, Carter was incredibly popular early on in his Presidency and was seen as someone fresh. President Carter, like President Obama, believed this personal popularity would translate in being allowed to pass a long liberal wishlist that was unpopular with the general American electorate.

President Obama also has alot in common with the husband of his Secretary of State, President Bill Clinton. President Clinton, like Obama, is seen as someone with enormous political talent. Clinton, like Obama, had an ability to connect with voters many politicians typically forgot about. Like President Obama, President Clinton was seen as someone outside the political establishment and surprised everyone by his nomination to the presidency. Like Obama, Clinton had a sharply leftist Democratic congress tired of 12 years of conservative policies and ready to pass all of their deepest desires in a matter of months.

Both Clinton and Carter had their troubles. Carter’s presidency was a huge faliure. He was a man engulfed in crisis after crisis and an embarrasment on the international stage. His response to the crises was even worse. The energy crisis? President Carter threw on a sweater and encouraged Americans to turn the thermostat down in their homes. The Iran hostage crisis? Well we wouldn’t want to upset anyone in the world would we? Carter ended up loosing re-election in 1980 to President Ronald Reagan. Determined not to be another Carter, Clinton chose a different path. After a massive Republican victory in the 1994 mid term elections, spear headed by then Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Clinton decided that he would move to the center on his domestic agenda and some would argue the center-right. Clinton’s biggest achievements as President of the United States? Welfare Reform, a Crime Bill, and cuts to capital gains taxes that would begin to spur the stock market. Clinton ended up winning re-election in 1996 over the hideously boring Sen. Bob Dole and despite the revelations of his affair with White House Intern Monica Lewinsky, Clinton ended his Presidency enormously popular. Clinton still had policies that were unpopular with the American people, which is what helped lead Texas Governor George W. Bush to victory in 2000, but he smartly tacked to the center to give Reagan Dems and Independents something they could chew on.

Like Congress and Health Care reform, President Obama has a choice. Will he be like President Carter or President Clinton? His poll numbers suggest that America isn’t liking his liberal policies, can he save his presidency? Only time will tell.

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