We Can End President Obama’s Term Early.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said recently during a White House Press Briefing that President Obama was willing to be a one-term President if it meant passing Health Care Reform. Would the president be just as obliged to do so if it meant President Obama’s single term in office were cut in half? The fact of the matter is, 2012 isn’t the only election the President has to worry about, 2010 could be a doozy as well and if the President pushes the people hard enough, it could render him absolutely ineffective as there could be a GOP majority so large, it would be hard for the President to govern.

Why are the Republicans on capital hill accepting the premise that the GOP would be lucky to pick up seats in 2010? We should at least be setting out sights on a victory and if the Republican Party could get it’s head out of, >ahem<, the sand they’d see the American people are so fed up with this health care legislation that if they actually presented a plan we’d force the Democrats to plot on how to say the Republicans stole the 2010 election.

We need to go for the jugular in the House, force Nancy Pelosi to be served an eviction notice at the Speakers Office. This is going to require conservative candidates to get out there and utilize these fired up crowds (aka the “mob”) showing up the health care town hall meetings and getting passionate about winning in those districts. This means we don’t run watered down “I’m so sorry I’m a Republican” Republicans, we run conservatives. There’s no litmus test, one can be a moderate in certain areas where we’re not going to win with a deep red conservative. But in the areas where they ARE conservative they need to be passionate about it and they need to be with us. The perfect example of this is Rudy Guiliani. Rudy’s a moderate on issues I’m really passionate about (like Gun Rights and Abortion), however, where he is conservative on fiscal issues, national security, and crime, he’s passionate about it and a true believer. Rudy is also “with us”, he gets the conservative movement and sees himself as a participant in it. Getting conservatives on the ballot across our country is the key to victory.

In the Senate, the Cook Political Report notes of the 36 seats that are up for election 21 lean Democratic, are Toss Ups, or lean, are likey, or are safe for Republicans (and one they’ve listed is “likely Democratic” is Nevada, held by Sen. Harry Reid) Ladies and Gentleman, we need to be positioning ourselves for at least those 22 seats, with our eyes on more if we can get them. If we picked up those 22 seats, we’d be looking at a gain of six senate seats, cutting the Democrats majority down to 54 senators, and more than enough omf to enact a fillbuster if neccessary. With a strong majority in the House, It would put pressure on some of the more conservative Democrats in the senate to join forces with us and bring policy that would bring about real positive change. (I would love to see Carly Fiorina take our Barbara Boxer here in California, by the way! ;-))

We can render President Obama absolutely irrelevant, but it will take the Republicans being organized. It will take the Republicans not accepting the false premises of the left. It will take us engaging the American people, being honest and up front. Approaching minorities and other people who don’t typically vote Republican, not with pandering or condensation or competing with the Democrats with who can pass out the best hand outs, but with a message of hope of what conservatism can bring to them. We also need to get our base engaged and out of the slump we’ve been in the last two elections.

We need to have a message of undoing the damage the Obama Admin and the Democrats have been doing since they took power and we need to promise Americans that if they can give us a super majority, we’ll do our best to give them real relief. Then we need to own in. After the Republicans won massive majorities in 1994, the Clinton Administration claimed the work of the House GOP and Senate was theirs. We can’t let that happen again. We need to remind the American people that with out the supervision of the Republicans, President Obama is a tax and spend, far left wing liberal and he can not be trusted to have another Presidential term when he’s up for re-election in 2012.

So, how does two years of Obamirrelvence sound to you? We can make it happen.

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