Those of Us in Blue States Who Can Afford It Should Shop at Whole Foods.

Well, Blue States and Austin, Texas. I’m sure there are Whole Foods locations in Red States too. But seriously, with droves of Libs now boycotting Whole Foods because of CEO John Mackey’s opposition to ObamaCare!

And what is not to love about Whole Foods? Yes, it’s got that dreary hippy thing going on, but most of the food is organic and if it isn’t certified organic, they do not use chemicals and pesticides in their products and their stuff is delicious!

And while they do support some wacko green stuff, including offsetting their emissions by purchasing carbon credits (a rip off and a contradiction, a license to pollute, basically.) They donate 5% of their profits to genuinely helping their community, which is something we can get behind.

And even if you can’t purchase your meat there (I sure as hell don’t.) Why not purchase things that cost the same like rice, pasta, sauces, canned soups, etc? The lefties are jumping ship because John Mackey didn’t follow the lib line on this one, I think we can help him out by getting what we can from Whole Foods.

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