In his weekly New York Times op-ed, columnist Frank Rich declares, “The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York.” Not that Rich would know how to even get to upstate New York, let alone anywhere in New York beyond the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Rich describes, in a manner which I can only describe as “shriek-y” ,the “battle” in upstate New York, the election to pick a new Representative in NY-23, that has officially “devolved” the GOP into a “wacky, paranoid cult that is as eager to eat its own as it is to destroy Obama.” We may “eat our own”, Mr. Rich, but we at the very least don’t kill our unborn babies, or praise people who have killed MILLIONS of full blown adults and children. Mr. Rich isn’t the only one proclaiming how un-mainstream conservatives are by New York, Los Angeles, or Washington standards, Ms. Valarie Jarrett, the President’s senior adviser and long time friend said the Republican leadership is becoming “more and more extreme, more and more marginalized” for supporting Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman over liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava. Meanwhile, while pimping his book about the 2008 Presidential election, former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe thinks Democrats should thank Sen. John McCain for picking former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate as she endorsed “ultra-conservative” Doug Hoffman for Congress over Scozzafava.

Ultra-conservative? Hoffman seems pretty mainstream for most Republicans: he’s a fiscal conservative supporting lower taxes and less spending in Washington, including no bail-outs or massive “stimulus” packages. He opposes forced Unionization that would be rendered under The Employee Free Choice Act (which would make ballots public in votes to unionize) and he opposes a Government-ran health care program and supports real medical reform to bring down costs and get people who want insurance but can’t afford it covered. If you asked your run of the mill Republican congressman his or her views on these issues they would likely agree with Doug Hoffman. Scozzafava, on the other hand, would have stood with the Democrats two of these three issues (she opposes ObamaCare, whatever that means at this point.) Based on poll after poll after poll I’m pretty sure, most Americans stand with Hoffman over Scozzafava on those issues as well. Conservatives aren’t radical, except for their desire to defeat people who tout failed programs from the 1960s and 1970s as the brand new vision that will cure all woes for people in our country.

Contrast your average “ultra-conservative” with people in our “mainstream” administration: Van Jones, former green jobs Czar who resigned when it was revealed he was proud Communist and signed a 9-11 Truther petition. White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, who led the White House attack on Fox News, praised Mao Tse Tung in a speech she gave while working for the administration in June of this year. “Mao wasn’t all bad” you might say. Oh really? How many right-wingers out there do you see praising Hitler or Mussolini? Mao killed more people than either Hitler or Mussolini, not to mentioned the political prisoners and people being killed by the current Communist regime in China, a direct decedent of Mao. There is nothing to praise any of these men because their regimes were based on a rabid hatred of humanity. Or what about Science Czar John Holdren? In the book “Science: Population, Resources, Environment,” Holdren with co-authors Paul and Ann Ehrlich argue that forced sterilization of welfare recipients may be required to protect the earth in cases of extreme famine brought about by Climate Change. And these are the ones leaning to the right in the Obama administration!

Yes, this is your “mainstream” Democratic Obama White House. Meanwhile that “radical” Sarah Palin, who proposed and signed into law a windfall profits tax on oil companies and vetoed a bill that would have banned gays from receiving benefits for their partners in Alaska, is out there trying to get “fringe, ultra-right” conservatives elected to Congress. Yes that Palin, who has advocated radical, far right reforms for health care like tort reform and allowing consumers to purchase insurance across state lines to expand competition in the health care industry, she’s the one you can’t trust. Sebastian the Crab from the Little Mermaid has more credibility on the issues facing the American people than she does!

I hope those of you with Hopenchange fevah are holding on to something, because there is a storm brewing for Democrats in Congress and if Obama carries on the way he has, that storm is going to turn into a freaking hurricane.

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