ABC’s “V” – A Scathing Critique of the Establishment and Obama

I tuned into catch the series premiere of ABC’s new Sci-Fi series “V” and was pleasantly surprised. Not only is the show well written and decently acted with a good amount of action and intrigue leaving the viewers wanting more. It is a not-so-thinly veiled critique of Barack Obama and the cult of personality that surrounds him.

One of the biggest points in the series premiere is made by the priest, Father Jack Landry is to not blindly trust the “Visitors” a group of more advanced aliens seeking seemingly peaceful refuge with us and our resources in exchange for technology.

The visitors come from no where. Their leader, Anna, like all the other visitors look like really attractive human beings. She promises peace to Earth’s leaders and assures the planet she is looking to leave it better than when they arrived. Sound familiar?

The parallels don’t end there and they get you thinking that they may not be on accident. The pilot makes it very clear that America is in turmoil that will sound amazingly similar to what we’re going through now: economic uncertainty, international unrest with terror. That’s right, the pilot uses the word “terror” unflinchingly and calls those who commit it “terrorists” with out apology. It’s sad when a television series has more balls than the acutal White House. Anna makes references to people wanting “change” throughout  the world. And in case all those parallels weren’t enough for you, one of Anna’s goals is to establish free “healing clinics” in every major city in the world. That’s right, even Chad Decker, the reporter interviewing her played by Scott Wolf doesn’t hesitate to ask Anna to confirm the analogy every conservative is thinking of, “you mean universal health care?” he asks. My remote and my jaw hit the ground collectively. I could not believe what I was seeing.

If these don’t do it for you, see the V’s reaction to negative press coverage. Anna begins an interview and let’s Scott know that anything that is used to paint her or the V’s in a negative light will not be tolerated.

To top it all off – the resistance to the V’s is painted by the media as intolerant and fringe. Liberal critics of the show have already made the parallels to the birthers and have cast V simply as a “What if the birthers were right?” But that’s dismissing the point of V too easily. It’s not the President’s place of birth I question, and it’s certainly not the color of his skin I’m uncomfortable with. The questions we have about President Obama have to do with his views of America, which seem to be painted by Elitist American academia and euro-elite criticism and are completely alien to many Americans across the country. The fact that Americans so easily embraced Obama was shocking to many of us – and “V” will shock you again with it’s bold criticism of Obama and the O cult.

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