David Cameron: What a Disgrace.

I don’t think any US conservatives expects any UK Conservative Party member to be as conservative as we expect our leaders to be, but David Cameron is an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to the party that Margaret Thatcher built into a powerhouse and men like Cameron have helped destroy.

Cameron is all style, and very little substance. He wants the UK Conservative Party to be a “blue/green” party by embracing disastrous cap-and-trade policies that have cost British families millions of pounds every year since it’s adoption by the Labour government. He’s wobbly on economic policy, last summer he slammed MEP Daniel Hannan for suggesting that the UK would be better off with out the NHS.

Where is your spine man? Cameron can’t break 50% and he’s running against two liberals: the disasterous Gordon Brown and the far left looney-toon Nick Clegg from the Liberal Democrats, who are now running ahead of Labour and Conservatives according to some polls. If Clegg pulls off an upset and runs a coalition government with Labour, the US-UK relationship as we know it is toast. Clegg HATES the relationship with US has with the UK, he’s called them “America’s poodle” under Blair and Brown. Of course the UK isn’t, nor has it ever been, our “poodle”, they’re our most trusted ally our greatest strategic world partner!

Mr. Cameron, shame on you for being so wishy washy you can’t even inspire a center to center-right leaning country to give you more than 33% of the vote! The people of the United Kingdom and the people of the world deserve a better leader of the opposition and definitely a better Prime Minister than you, sir.

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