Rep-Elect Tim Scott Should Primary Lindsey Graham in 2014.

Despite the historic victory this past Tuesday, the Republican Party still has two problems: 1) so called moderate Republicans who are more interested in trashing the party than they are helping the cause. 2) communicating our message to minorities effectively with credibility and with out playing racial politics. There’s nothing wrong with being a moderate Republican, nothing at all. Rudy Guiliani is an example of a great moderate Republican: he doesn’t agree with conservatives on everything, but when a conservative wins, Rudy’s right there behind them. When the ladies of The View trash conservatives like Sarah Palin and Rudy’s the guest, he’ll defend her to the tee. Rudy recognizes that the cause is more than a couple disagreements he has with the party as a whole. I’m sure that if Rudy was the Republican nominee for President, he probably wouldn’t be the first choice of many conservatives, but we wouldn’t have a problem pulling the lever for him. There’s nothing wrong with being a true moderate, but when you’re advocating out and out full-fledged liberal versions of disastrous policies, well, then we have an issue. Then there’s the other problem, the conservative outreach to minority voters. The left made an effort to destroy the momentum of the tea party movement by calling it “racist.” They pointed to the few crazy signs that nut jobs (and liberals posing as nut jobs) infiltrating the tea party brought as evidence. Of course, this is the left’s M.O. but this year we saw an unprecedented effort by the left and their cohort in the media. The problem with the Republican Party is not that they don’t respond, it’s how they respond. Instead of pointing out that those people holding those signs aren’t part of what we’re about, they apologize for it. What they need to realize is there’s nothing to apologize for; our agenda is not racist. In fact, our agenda aims to do what the liberal Democratic agenda has failed to do since the Republican Party passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964: it aims to improve the lives of minorities through reforms the left deems “radical.” Education reform, Social Security Reform, even Tax Reform; all of these would directly benefit minorities.

We have another problem in the Republican party, and I didn’t recognize it until I saw the treatment of certain candidates this election cycle and it made me sick to my stomach. I really think the out-of-touch Establishment Republican Party believe that southern white Republicans won’t vote for a minority candidate. Look at their treatment of Allen West, Marco Rubio and in particular Nikki Haley and Tim Scott in South Carolina. Those of you in southern states, I am convinced the establishment thinks you’re rubes. “We can’t put up a minority candidate! Oh no, that would upset all those racist hicks who vote for us down in Dixie.” Of course, most Southern whites, just likes whites anywhere else, aren’t racist. That’s why its silly to think a minority candidate couldn’t work.

They’d rather promote candidates like Lindsey Graham. One’s politics has nothing to do with color, hopefully. We’ve seen how ugly and violent that mentality can get from the Klu Klux Klan to the Black Panthers. And that’s why it was so refreshing to see a real conservative like Tim Scott win election to the US House of Representatives, and while I’d like to see his record over the next two years to make a more accurate judgement; I think we need a more conservative US Senator from South Carolina. I don’t want a senator who’s going to join in with the libs on passing disastrous cap n’ tax policies or blocking vital education, social security, and tax reform. We need two good solid conservatives in South Carolina and if Tim Scott ends up being as a good a Congressman as he was a candidate, if he walks the talk he talks, I think he would do the people of South Carolina a great service by giving ol’ Lindsey Graham a primary and kicking his ass.

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