Keep an Eye on Darrell Issa.

As Governor Moonbeam settles back into the Governor’s office in Sacramento, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Oceanside, Calif.) will become the Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Let’s not kid ourselves: As bad as Meg Whitman was as a candidate she should have won that damn election and the only reason why she didn’t was because Jerry Brown got Gloria Allred to put a woman on TV and cry hysterically about what a horrible woman Meg Whitman is. In other words, Jerry Brown played dirty and won and it really pisses a lot of conservatives in California off. Appeal to the lowest denominator in people: their emotions and you’ll win every time.

If Issa does a good job in making sure the Obama administration isn’t pulling any Chicago tactics, I’d say he’s the perfect guy to go up against baldy in 2014. Issa generally holds conservative views and The California GOP’s bench is incredibly weak at this point, and I think it’s great that Issa is being given this platform to try and raise his profile.

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