Palin in Wisconsin: Finally a potential 2012 Candidate With Something Good to Say!

Forgive me for being a bit obtuse when it comes to Donald Trump, but I just really don’t see the appeal for the guy. When he starts going on about birtherism, a conspiracy theory that has been disproven time and time again, and then leads the GOP pack according to several polls, frankly, it makes me sick.

If intense hatred of Barack Obama, the man, is what is going to be at the center of the activity on the right in 2012 and we nominate Trump because he’s willing to viciously attack the president, then we’ll loose. Hatred of the current president can not win the presidency for another. Just ask Democrats in 2004.

I would challenge those in our ranks (who, I believe are very few and far between) to stand back a little bit. If you hate President Obama, the man, fine. It’s a free country, you can feel how you’d like. But take a look at the record and the policy proposals of someone (especially someone who has never held accountable by the public in political office before) before you give them the presidential nomination of your party. Trump has been pro-choice, pro-universal health care, pro-tax increases and he has criticized President Bush as being the worst president ever, calling for his impeachment. Now, I’m not a big fan of George W. Bush and his ilk, but he did nothing to deserve impeachment and while he made some poor choices, calling him the worst president ever is a big overstatement. Now, you may say those are previous positions Trump has held. First off, how does that make him different than Mitt Romney? Secondly, Fine, let’s look at his current positions: he supports a 25% tariff on goods from China, he refuses to take a position on the Ryan budget, oh and he supports invading Libya as long as we can take their oil. Wow the man is the embodiment of conservatism.

I am absolutely relieved to see a serious and tried and true conservative potential presidential candidate take the stage today at a tea party rally in Madison, Wisconsin. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s speech was absolutely terrific! She hit all the right notes and attacked President Obama not on personal hatred of him, but in disgust of his policies. To see it click here:


What I’d like to see now is Palin launch a presidential bid with her vision of what to do. We know what she’s against, we have an idea of what she’s for, now it’s time for her to present her vision for America. What would America be like after President Palin leaves office?

The “she can’t possibly win” argument, in my mind, is bull dust. Palin CAN win if conservatives would just get behind her. Is she someone who is 100% ideal? Is she the next Ronald Reagan? Is she someone who could potentially win a landslide election against President Obama? Well… the evidence on all accounts in this present time points to no. But, could she do the job? Yes. Is she sufficiently conservative? Oh, Lord Yes. And can she win in 2012, even if it’s a squeaker? I think so. Conservatives have looked for perfection for too long, and our dissatisfaction with the imperfections of the conservatives have led to presidential candidates like the Bushes, Bob Dole, and John McCain.  We can not afford this in 2012. We’ve got to realize that maybe adequate is an ok point to start from. We can work with adequate. With adequate there’s room for growth. If someone is adequate, it’s better than terrible. And when faced with adequate vs. terrible, one they have all the facts, people will choose adequate. We have got to unite behind someone. Something tells me Sarah Palin, while not perfect, might be an adequate choice. And Lord have mercy on us all, she’s a lot better than the host of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

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