Sky is Falling Won’t Win

President Obama will win in 2012 if the campaign is like 2010. Midterms are all about responding to the current administration. It’s good for the opposition party’s electorate to be angry, because it’s a way for them to get energized about blocking the current president’s agenda. But presidential campaigns on different, if we’re resigned to who can hate President Obama with the most passion, if we’re OK with putting someone up who will “really stick it” to the president, as many Republicans who like Donald Trump will tell you, we will loose.

Americans don’t want to vote against a President. They want to vote for a President. It’s another reason we need a presidential candidate who can present conservatism in a way that is simple, easy to digest, and applicable to the lives of Americans of all walks of life. This is what propelled President Reagan to victory in 1980. Sure, he talked about the stagnant economy and the Carter administration’s wretched foreign policy, but he always brought back into prospective his belief in the American people and his ideas for alternatives.

It’s why I’m dead set against nominating a dead fish like Mitt Romney. Romney may have strong words for the President, but he implemented a health care system just like Obama’s while Governor of Massachusetts and recently when asked about entitlement reform, Gov. Romney said he believed Americans really didn’t have the stomach for entitlement reform. Forgive me if I really don’t have the stomach for someone like Mitt Romney.

We need a candidate who is going to present a sober reality for America’s current state, but promote a positive and optimistic view of her future based on conservative solutions for our country. That includes energy exploration, tax and spending reforms, and yes, entitlement reforms. Most importantly though, is a candidate who will passionately pursue these agenda items while serving as the 45th President of the United States.

We can’t be scared of the media, we can’t be scared of potential candidates being “damaged goods.” We’ve got to get out there and support a candidate who will fight for America.

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