What Superman Reveals About Liberals.

Yesterday it was revealed that DC Comics character and American icon Superman would be renouncing his US citizenship in the landmark 900th issue of his long running and original book, Action Comics. Now before you go on thinking that Superman renounces his citizenship because he detests America and her principles, think again, He does so to distance his actions from those of the US government after he intervenes in a Middle East protest when the US government refuses to. The dictator of the country sees it as an act of war on behalf of the US. But before you go on thinking you can see where he’s coming from, ultimately, Superman still believes in America, but doesn’t believe it’s enough anymore. Superman prefers to see himself as a citizen of the universe (sound familiar?)

In other words, America is a country just like any other country in the universe. How revealing! One can safely assume that the writer of the issue, David S. Goyer (who is incidentally writing the next installment of the Superman film franchise, “Man of Steel” to be produced by Christopher “The Dark Knight” Nolan and directed by Zack “300” Snyder) is a liberal and in their view America is just another country like France. But could it go deeper than that? I remember having a conversation on American Exceptionalism with one of my room mates who was a liberal. He told me he didn’t oppose war per say, and that it wasn’t the violence that violated his conscience on it, he opposed the war because of the ideology behind it, the ideology that America was better than everyone else. He told me that he absolutely believed America was exceptional, but that it was wrong and that we needed to impose universal health care and socialism to join the rank and file of everyone else in the world.

The reason Superman is an American icon is because his story is quintessentially American. Superman comes from another world, he immigrates to America (according to the TV series “Smallville” lore, Lionel Luthor, the father of Lex, works out US citizenship for young Clark Kent on behalf of his parents.), grows up with little means and rises to do great things in the world. He’s also emblematic of America herself. Here is this superpower who uses his powers to do good on behalf of others. One can only imagine what kind of havoc such a being would bring to the world had he landed in the former Soviet Union (a  Mark Millar else worlds tale “Red Son” explores this possibility) or Nazi Germany.

Of course at the end of the day, it’s all fiction, it’s just interesting to see liberal’s worldview play out in their work.

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