For Once, President Obama Showed Leadership.

President Obama’s record so far has been abominable and it’s not because I have not agreed with his policies. (though I most certainly do.) The reason I find his record so appalling is because he has not shown the type of leadership that is necessary to be President of the United States. The media characterizes this as “staying above the fray”, I, and many other Americans, see it as a complete and total lack of leadership. You don’t throw out an idea, leave it to the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and then sign it. You take leadership on the issue. President Obama should have gone down to Congress during all of his legislative “achievements” and taken leadership over the situation. If he truly wanted to remain above the fray, he would have acted like the President of the United States and not a partisan legislator and he would have demanded Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi at least hear Republicans out of their various legislative battles.

While I’m sure the provocateurs of conservative media will find a way to turn the death of Osama Bin Laden into a negative. I am not going to do that. Looking at the Daily Kos this morning, they were already pointing fingers at statements made by John McCain in 2008 saying he would not go into Pakistan. I am not going to do similar things to liberals including the President, although I most certainly could. By all accounts, this process started in 2007, when we began to track one of Osama Bin Laden’s couriers and we continued to gather more information until we had enough information resource available to successfully carry out the mission. One thing stuck out at me though, President Obama made the call when we had the opportunity: capture or kill Osama Bin Laden, He made no bones about it, he wanted the man brought to justice one way or another.

For once, the president showed real leadership. He made the call. And the mission was successful. Good for him. Hopefully, he can begin to show the same leadership in other areas of his presidency.

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