The Left’s Ridiculous Reaction to Anything Involving Sarah Palin.

This morning, I decided to post Sarah Palin’s excellent speech detailing her views on foreign policy on my Facebook page. Along with the video I typed, “I don’t know that Palin can win the presidency, but this is an excellent foreign policy speech.”

I posted it, stopped, and decided to delete it and repost it with this headline, “A very sound foreign policy statement. {Taking bets on how many people won’t even watch this and criticize it because of who’s delivering it.}”

I’m tired of having to accommodate the left’s narrative of Sarah Palin. As Yuval Levin noted back in November 2009, Palin has become the representation of all things they believe about the right, even if they’re not true:

“Palin was assigned every view and position the Left considered unenlightened, and the response to her brought into the light all manner of implicit liberal assumptions about cultural conservatives. We were told that Palin was opposed to contraception, advocated teaching creationism in schools, and was inclined to ban books she disagreed with. She was described as a religious zealot, an anti-abortion extremist, a blind champion of abstinence-only sex education. She was said to have sought to make rape victims pay for their own medical exams, to have Alaska secede from the Union, and to get Pat Buchanan elected President. She was reported to believe that the Iraq war was mandated by God, that the end-times prophesied in the Book of Revelation were nearing and only Alaska would survive, and that global warming was purely a myth. None of this was true.”

Indeed. Palin’s not a far right winger by any stretch of the imagination, most of her views fit nicely into the center-right mainstream, with some of her views drifting closer to the center than some conservatives might be comfortable with.

The truth is, Palin is merely a voodoo doll for how liberals feel about conservatives. Their views on Palin and conservatives are full of innuendos and stereotypes.

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