We Cannot Fear the Media

Nothing makes me more angry than reading a conservative blog and seeing some variation of the line, “I like so and so, but we can’t really support them because they’ve been savaged by the media out of the presidential race, imagine if they got in, they’ll never win.” I am of the opinion that liberals are generally pretty wussy people, however when it comes to politics, it’s like conservatives loose their cojones and liberals become a bunch of General Pattons and Joan of Arcs. The truth is, liberals are willing to brutally take out a conservative, mutilate their political corpse, throw it in a mass grave and then dance on it afterwards. Conservatives are not, nor should they be willing to resort to those tactics, but it doesn’t mean we put a tail between our legs when a negative story or two comes out about a conservative or a poll shows that Americans don’t like a conservative candidate.

The 2012 election is going to be a bloodbath in terms of the coverage conservative candidates are going to get. They’re going to be called all sorts of names, they’re going to be called bigots, they’re going to be accused of being unfair and disrespectful to the president, for candidates like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Herman Cain, they’re going to be called traitors to their gender/race, Uncle Tom, etc. But it’s not just conservatives, this is going to be the case no matter who the Republican nominee is. As we saw in 2008, the left was willing to go after their former Republican ally John McCain so that Obama could win. It’s going to be extraordinarily ugly, ugly on level that is probably unprecedented, you will not BELIEVE how low the left and the media will go to make sure Obama is given a second term!

So if we’re going to resign to the left, nominate the nominee they want us to nominate because we’re afraid of them, I don’t know if I can stand on the line next to people like that. As Margaret Thatcher famously said to President George H.W. Bush in the lead up to the Gulf War, “This is no time to go wobbly.” We’ve got to be willing to fight for our values, or they’ll disappear. We’ve got to fight for our solutions or we’ll continue to see the status quo. We’ve got bigger problems than Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer and their ilk. We need a president who has the courage to tackle the big problems that will destroy the greatness of country and more importantly, we need a conservative electorate who is brave enough to stand behind him or her.

C’mon conservatives, let’s man up!

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