Michele Bachmann’s Record.

To borrow a phrase from the President: “Let me be clear…” In fact, let me be absolutely crystal clear: I would vote for Michele Bachmann over Barack Obama any day of the week. She would have my enthusiastic support if she is the nominee, because then it would come down to principle: Michele Bachmann’s got the right principles. She’d be MILES better than Barack Obama.

But let’s not sit around and pretend Michele Bachmann has a stellar record in Congress. She hasn’t accomplished much of anything in her three terms in Congress and while two of those terms have been under the most liberal President we’ve ever had, to my knowledge, despite proposing some great sounding laws, she has never seriously tried to shepherd through the process. As I understand, she has also requested quite a few earmarks and pork for her district. For a lawmaker in the Republican presidential primary, these have to be serious considerations and I don’t think Tim Pawlenty was wrong in pointing that out.

Don’t get me wrong: I like Michele Bachmann, as I said, I would vote for her in heart beat over Barack Obama. But we have better undeclared candidates with far more substantial accomplishments in their positions of leadership than her. Let’s not forget, we rightly criticized Obama for spending a short amount of time in Congress with no serious legislative achievements to his name before ascending to the Presidency because he had phenomenal oratory from a teleprompter. It would not be the most prudent thing to do the same.

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