Palin & Bachmann

I recently had an opportunity to view Stephen K Bannon’s film “The Undefeated” here in Orange County. While the film is unabashedly positive, it’s doesn’t inflate her accomplishments as Governor of the state of Alaska and a voice in the Tea Party movement, it presents the positive aspects of Palin’s career as they happened.

For the last few months I have been looking at Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin very similarly not because they’re both women, but because they’re both similar kind of conservatives, at least so I thought. I knew Palin had executive experience, but I felt Bachmann balanced that out by being much more articulate and better spoken.

Well, after viewing “The Undefeated” and taking a closer look at Bachmann’s record (she names a single concrete accomplishment in her years as a state senator and Congresswoman), I don’t think there’s much of a comparison. When you look at Sarah Palin as a whole, she is the filet mignon to Bachmann’s microwaved Burger King hamburger. That’s not meant to disrespect Congresswoman Bachmann, who I think is a strong representative of conservative ideals and someone I would gladly vote for over Obama. That’s just looking at the facts.

Palin’s been savaged by the media, but there’s a reason she has been. She’s one of those rate individuals who is genuinely not bought into any machine. As a Republican in the state of Alaska, Palin could have easily made excuses for the oil companies, but she stood steadfast in her belief that they should be held accountable and that the tax structure should incentivize lower prices for consumers and more production in Alaska. She also passed sweeping ethics reforms to fight back against the corruption. Further, she shepherded  a project that has the potential to become the largest private infrastructure project in North American history.

When looking at the problems facing Washington, you’re going to need someone who has no fear. Want to make the choices that are going to be necessary to get this economy back on the road to recovery again? Want to get our deficits and debt under control? Want to reform our entitlement programs? Now, I’m sure Rep. Bachmann would support all of that, but she doesn’t have the record Palin does in taking on the establishment — and winning — the way Palin does.

Palin is not Ronald Reagan, and it’s unfair for us to try and compare her to him because she’s her own person. Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin and in my opinion, she may be the exact person we need to lead this nation.

If Palin jumps into the race, it is a real game changer, especially after Bannon’s film gets a wider release.

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